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"Hey dude, go look at Jarl Balgruuf real quick. Wait, get closer. Right there, on his crown if you look closely- FUS!"

This will happen.

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Time travel, basically. And yeah, it was a different set entirely. However...

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For folks who have not yet triggered it, think something that both Crash Team Racing and, say…Twisted Metal have in common.

Bingo. This was the best hint so far. Much obliged.

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Would an accurate hint for the Steps of Our Forfathers be "TARDIS" and/or "Dr. Who?" Because I thought I saw the quest pop, but I didn't get credit for it. So either I got credit for someone else entirely or the HTML gods conspire against me.

Edit: Nope, it was a different quest set I finished. :(

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(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


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I'm having the same issue. As stated earlier, it's happening at the 18:13 mark on HD only, both streaming and progressive. High resolution is working just fine.

Edit: I got as far back as The First Templar. All videos before that seem to work fine.