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GT: cyberbrained (a GITS reference!)

games: halo MCC, COD:AW, ummm that's really it but im guaranteed to get any future MP/COOP game that comes out in the not-too-distant future.

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cyberbrained xb1

trying to beat 1-4 on legendary

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8-4 is so hard to listen to. especially when they're eating during the podcast. the last thing i want to hear in my headphones is someone eating loudly.

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is anyone else experiencing their games locking up during loadings screens on the xb1 digital versions?

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I'm looking for a game I played in the early '90s, when I was 5. I think it was Windows 95, possibly earlier. I think the only controls were the arrow keys. I'm pretty sure you played as a bear on his birthday, and the whole game is side scrolling. You wake up in his room, go to the kitchen, blow out the candles on the cake, continue walking outside, go up a ladder, down a slide, jump onto a boat and go across water, get off the boat into a forest, walk through and get back to the house and go to bed. The entire game is throughout the course of a day with no real options. Their was music that changed through each scene and the graphics were weird. I don't remember what it looked like that much, but when you jumped it was really slow and weird.

All I find when I look for this is Fatty Bear and it wasn't that. It might've been a weird educational game. It was so crappy and old but it was the first game I ever played and it's driving me crazy to find it again!

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looking for ipod earbuds. will trade anything or buy you something...?

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yo i'm on a lot. add me y'all: onliskyn

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i've never felt so attached to a group of people as much as i've attached to the whole crew of GB.

for the past 4 years i've listened to ryan's voice, i'll miss it forever. But i'm happy to have hours upon hours of his voice stored on my computer.

In honor of ryan, i will always do my best to maintain my premium status.

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oh em gee, im so happy. i feel so lonely playing this game, Have the guys played this for TNT yet?

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