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I'd have to go with Civilization V or maybe XCOM: Enemy Within. I find both of them to have infinite replay value. Other possibilities would be open-ended sandboxy type stuff like Minecraft, Terraria, etc. Probably still go with Civ, though.

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@demoskinos: it took me quite some time, but i found it, goddammit: it is on page 12 of the Subscriber Videos and is called "Behind the Scenes of Our E3 2012 Video Shoot".

The part I'm talking about starts at around 25:50.

I said "Cabbage Patch" but now i see it was " Running Man". my sincerest apologies.

I will never forget it.

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The most genuine Jeff laugh that I can recall was during one of the E3 promo things (2011 or 2012, i think). Ryan did what ended up being a weird cabbage patch-type move in front of the green screen in order come up with a maneuver that could be used in post-production to simulate a skip of some kind. The original intention was to have something that can be used in order to show movement across a space. Jeff laughed very genuinely and recommended that they "don't move him at all". God damn was that laugh infectious. I miss the interaction between those two so much.

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Played through this twice over a couple of day's time. I actually really enjoyed it, so thanks for the recommendation. I didn't always understand the motivations of the characters, and it seemed like there were times that maybe I did things that the game considered to be out of order which caused some confusion, but i did actually have a considerable amount of fun playing it.

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Child of Light, Valiant Hearts: The Great War, Watch Dogs, The LEGO Movie Video Game, The Wolf Among Us, South Park: The Stick of Truth, inFamous: Second Son, Wolfenstein: The New Order.

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Mega Drive - 198xad

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Looks like a lot of stuff, but I don't see anything that in there that is likely to result in me popping the game disc back into by console. I had a pretty heavy ten day affair with Titanfall at release, but seem to have lost any passion for it.

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Never heard of it before, but you've sold me on it. At $2.99 on Steam Sale, I don't suppose I could go wrong.

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PSN ID: UitDeToekomst

US east coast, mostly play on weekends, but I really don't play much PS4 to be honest.

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If it came out on Vita I would buy it, if for no other reason than to support Firaxis. However, I doubt I would ever play it. I have played through the game on 360 (several times) and PC, tried it out on iPad, downloaded it but haven't played it on PS3... so I think I have pretty much had my fill, even though it is probably right near the top of my favorite games of all time list.