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I really don't like to criticize things in general. And I love playing games so much that even when games come out that have very little put into them, there is a decent chance that I will play them for many, many hours and not complain very much (Ride to Hell: Retribution, I am looking at you).

There are things that bother me, though. And one of the big ones is game hype. Being someone who plays a very large amount of games (probably only slightly less than people who play games for a living), I really feel as though there are some games that get good reviews in games media when they don't deserve it. Some kind of weird hype builds up, and it frequently starts with pre-release trailers and ends with attempts to turn games into something more than they should be.

So, that rambling preamble leads me to answering the OP with these: The Walking Dead, Bastion, The Last of Us and pretty much any GTA game. Watch Dogs is also one that fits squarely in here. I fear very much now for No Man's Sky, as well.

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5 - an Xbox One, PS4 and 360 in my living room, and another 360 along with a PS3 in my bedroom.

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@thiago123: at the risk or being a douche, i would ask why the ending of a subsequent game in a series would have an effect on your enjoyment of a game.

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I know what Star Trek is (and I like some it!) and I think I've heard of Edgar Wright, but other than that I don't know what you are talking about or why.

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I almost never manually upgrade when given the chance. I decided to in DA: Inquisition, though, because i wanted to try to get as much variation as possible in companion choices. Turns out that it didn't really matter all that much, so whatever.

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awww... I thought this was going to be about Mortal Kombat.

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I enjoyed Sera quite a bit and she ended up as my female Qunari's love interest and a frequent party member along with Iron Bull and Solas. I found that combination worked out very well for me, and each of them had a pretty neat story to go along with it.

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I don't know... seems like racing games are always overlooked because they are racing games. I enjoyed the shit out of Forza Horizon 2, and I would say without hyperbole that it is probably my favorite racing game of all time. It probably places 2nd or 3rd in my overall list for 2014. Sounds weird to say it is overlooked, seeing as it had excellent reviews... but nobody seems to give these kinds of games much of a chance in end of year ratings.

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I went with option 3, as I always search for and pick up books and such (XP, baby!), but almost never read any of them. My first play through ended up at just over 70 hours with little to no reading.

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I played the first episode last night and enjoyed the heck out of it, much to my surprise. I almost never find anything in games funny, but this did have a few genuine chuckles. Great voice acting, good characters, excellent music and a solid story. I would put this at #2 in my list of Telltale games, right behind The Wolf Among Us, and I have played pretty much all of them that have come out in the last 5 years or so.