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I'll most likely give it a shot. I got all jazzed for Destiny before release and (perhaps drunkenly) pre-purchased the deluxe edition with the season pass one day. So, by not at least giving it a shot, I'd feel like I was ripping myself off.

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not interested in this, but i'd definitely fund a kickstarter for a game that automatically wrenches your upper body from side to side to pop your vertebrae every couple of hours that you play it consecutively. my back and neck are fucking killing me.

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I've had some instances of attempting to climb up ladders and ending up going straight through the ladder and climbing up the adjacent wall.

I've seen a few people walking around in the sky.

I've had some weird spots during conversations where things seem to lock up, but then end up moving forward as usual after waiting 10 seconds or so.

At one point I was looking through one of the things where you see shards (sorry, forget what they are called) and couldn't back out with the 'B' prompt as I normally can. Enemies were nearby, and i eventually got out of it when the main character died.

Luckily, I have played 35+ hours on Xbone and haven't had a game-breaker yet.

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Xone: UitDeToekomst

Not sure how much multiplayer i'll be trying... probably not much, at least during the first few days after launch.

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Not sure how long Xbox exclusivity for DLC is. In fact, i didn't even know that was going to happen.

I am going with Xbox, though. Not because of any sort of performance or DLC concerns, but because I chose Xbox One over PS4 as my main for this generation. So anything that comes out for both, I'll be getting on Xbox (barring monumental bug issue differences).

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Well, it definitely wasn't missed and was only ignored by some but I really enjoyed Murdered: Soul Suspect, despite it's really dumb name. It may not exactly fit the categories of the title of the thread but I'm not sure everyone gave this game a chance. I really loved almost everything about it (except having to jump between points while being chased by ghost thingies).

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I seem to recall some very divided opinions about Telltales' The Walking Dead when it came out in 2012. Lots of people thought it was Game of the Year and slightly less seemed to despise it. I don't remember a great deal of lukewarm opinions somewhere in between.

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so, this game is pretty much dead, right? i just logged on for the first time in about 2 months and there were 6 others logged on. I remember a wonderful time when there were several pages worth of players and things were lovely. oh, how i wish these times would come back again. any chance for a revival of this game? maybe by those who have given up on it and would like to recapture those halcyon days.

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The fact that we are almost 20 years into 3D 3rd person perspective games and the industry as a whole still cannot get camera angles and movement right. I am experiencing it right now with Shadow of Mordor and Sunset Overdrive. The camera is driving me nuts in both these games. It seems to jump to odd angles for no particular reason way too often, and it is not just these two games. it has been happening ever since Mario 64.

And one that is a more recent phenomenon: the disappearance of the "save". Just playing Sunset Overdrive last night, I noticed there is no way to save. The game just saves when it wants and you have to assume that it saved recently when you hold down the guide button to turn off your Xbox One while the game is still running. I guess I'll find out tonight when I play again.