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Looking at the output as a whole, I suppose I would rate GBeast slightly below that of the SF squad in consistency and overall entertainment value. However, they have given us 4 that i think rank among the best GB Quick Looks of all time: Velvet Sundown, Bot Colony, Raven's Cry, Darkness Assault.

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Both. I am enjoying them quite a bit - not as much as Wolf Among Us (which I loved), but more than either season of Walking Dead.

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what the fuck? they are terrible and i have had them, but I am not old enough to remember any wars. what the fuck?

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this whole thing is hilarious. the Dan/Drew "horror" stuff is amazing, and anyone who takes any of it too seriously is either an idiot or a complete idiot. sorry, but it's true.

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i haven't touched the game since a couple weeks after its release. I may have known back then what you are talking about, but definitely don't know now. I remember very little from the game, and didn't find much memorable at the time, so I doubt that I would even know what you are referring to if I was closer to it. Sorry, I just don't know what is going on here.

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definitely a solid line-up, but i bought 4 of those games at regular price from one source or another already, so it kinda also sucks. aw.

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I hate to see studio closure and job loss as much as the next guy, but from a completely game-player perspective, I really can't say that the shelving of yet another post-zombie apocalypse survival game is a particular disappointment to me.

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I'll 2nd this. I generally have zero interest in this kind of game, but have enjoyed it quite a bit while on the road and needing something to do.

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RPGs - Particularly the Western, action, 3rd person perspective variety, such as Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Diablo, Skyrim (yes, I played 140 hours of Skyrim in 3rd person mode). Something about the combination of story and constant progression in this genre is what appeals to me, I think.

Turn-based Strategy - Civilization, XCOM, etc. This is my "go to" genre because each time playing is a different experience, so I can play a game of Civ when I have a spare hour or two and get something new out of it every time.

Open World Action - Being in 3rd person perspective is also a plus for me here, so games like Sleeping Dogs, Assassin's Creed, Saints Row fit the bill. They tend to have a clear story progression that can be fun when mainlined, but my severe case of Vinny-itis usually sends me on wild open-ended hunts for artifacts or flags or sword pieces or orbs or some other damn thing... and I love every minute of it!