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I like Chvrches... does that have any impact on this discussion?

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I really only play Be a Pro and Be a GM, and those modes are still there with few enough missing things that it is an acceptable product to me. The gameplay is perfectly fine - as good as it has ever been - and the presentation is far better than it has been in the past.

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No, but i preordered from Amazon and instead of getting my Destiny preorder bonus, I got one for Risen 3. What the heck? Not helpful or even pertinent to your issue, but i thought i'd share.

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so, if all that stuff is missing, what exactly is there in this game? Please don't tell me it is all this Hockey Ultimate Team garbage. No Season, no Be a Pro, no edit player... that leaves very little reason for me to get this.

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i don't know if "excited" is the word I'd use, but i have a certain amount of interest in playing it... once i have gotten my fill of the tons of other fall releases that I am anticipating more than this. I've enjoyed the prior two Sherlock games, and this seems to have some stuff in it that sets it apart from the adventure/puzzle game pack. We'll see.

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That settles it... it's officially time for me to stop splurging for most of the download-only games that come out on the Xbox One. Super Time Force is another one that I bought at release and could have had for free had i exercised a wee bit of patience. Oh well... live and learn (hopefully).

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Diablo III is more fun to play on console than on PC.

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Feel free to add/invite me.


i have a level 70 Crusader and level 52 Monk (Hardcore mode), but am always willing to start a new character to group up. i tend to play weekday evenings US eastern time, and also on weekends at pretty much any time.

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Dan, if you read this (and you probably won't) please stand firm on your anti-mayonnaise stance. Try all the other food, movies and games that are suggested, but please for the love of god you must avoid mayonnaise at all costs!

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no, because then i would actually want to listen to it and don't have the time.