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Hello! My name is Antonio and I've been gaming since the mid-'80s when the NES revolutionized the home video game market forever. Ironically I would never own another Nintendo system until 2005 when I bought a used GameCube from a local GameStop. I love Nintendo till this day, but as I've grown older I've found myself gravitating towards the more mature aspects of gaming that Sony offers. MS and I have a sordid history and I don't really like them despite being a hardcore MS fanboy (even before the word "fanboy" became popular) back in the day when the original Xbox released. Over time that relationship has soured for various reasons and now I find myself in the Sony camp because they have yet to screw me over unlike MS. But that's another topic for another time. I don't consider myself a fanboy and I actually detest that term as it is severely overused today. I recognize each system is unique and offers different things for different gamers; it's just that I happen to prefer Sony. I don't get online and get belligerent saying "360 suXXors!" or any bullshit like that. I think the "console wars" are stupid and infantile. Sometimes I do wish I still owned my 360 for some of the games that are only available on it (like the recently released Alan Wake). You'll see me occasionally commenting in the forums. I'm generally sarcastic but I never try to purposely offend anyone, but people do and say stupid things (including me) so don't get offended if I call you out on it ;)