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The tally so far--Sony: 1 MS: 0

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So Green Man Gaming has once again broken through my "I don't preorder games" barrier by having Hitman cost $29.25 here in the US by using the coupon code "GMG35-FGR37-COY0B", and judging by some early reviews of the game, it's a fantastic deal!

So, fellow Bombadeers, Happy Thanksgiving! Go strangle some baddies!

EDIT: Here's the link http://www.greenmangaming.com/s/us/en/pc/games/action/hitman-absolution-professional-edition-na/

EDIT EDIT: Holy shite, my 1000th post. Nice!

EDIT EDIT EDIT: Activates on Steam also!

And this is precisely why I call bullshit on console developers who bitch and moan about how they aren't making any money, yet PC games CONTINUALLY sell for lower and/or have great deals on new release games all the time compared to consoles.

And supposedly PC gaming has been "dying" for years yet they consistently undercut their sales.

It's all fucking bullshit.

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Is there a specific time they usually upload the new episode or is completely random?

It totally depends on how busy they are. I would say that it's generally considered "early" if it posts between 9 am - 12 pm PST, and considered "late" if it posts after 6 pm PST. People don't tend to get too antsy until around 8 pm PST, though.

Cool. Thank you :)

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Is there a specific time they usually upload the new episode or is completely random?

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Can't wait. I hope they read my question.

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I haven't noticed anything. Maybe I just can't "see it" like everyone else, apparently. But I'm not having any trouble running around Boston at all.

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@Barrock said:

I'm finding myself completely ignoring the horses in III when I can.

Ditto. Even in II--while more useful--I still wasn't a big fan of using them. Now in ACIII they just seem to get in the way more than benefit. I find myself just running everywhere instead.
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It's crazy to say it, but I'm technically already half-way through ACIII and yet I don't feel like I've really done anything.
The beginning was too long (and this is coming from someone who usually relishes a good story) because I wanted to play as Connor more than I really cared about the backstory even though I understand why it's there.
The entire hunting aspect is just stupid; it really is. I don't want to hunt animals in ACIII--I want to hunt down and assassinate Templars in stylish ways; not shoot rabbits with a bow and arrow. This isn't RDR and I'm not John Marston. I already played that game, Ubisoft, what the hell were you thinking?
All in all I am enjoying it as much as it can be enjoyed, but I was probably expecting more. ACII was the true breakout title for the franchise and it appears Ubisoft will continue to chase that type of balance if they ever want to top it in the next AC game.

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I want to preface this by saying that I am huge fan of the Assassin's Creed series. I liked AC, and absolutely loved AC II and most of Brotherhood...but for whatever reason, I just couldn't bring myself to play Revelations. I have had it un-opened, sitting in cellophane by my XBOX since it's release. I think I got a little tired of the whole Desmond/Ezio story...maybe?

Anyways, after watching the QL of AC III and hearing people talk about it, I've kinda of gotten that Assassin's Creed itch again. My question is, do you think I should play and finish Revelations before tackling AC III? Is there story elements in it that I should experience first, or is it negligible? Thanks for your input!

For what it's worth, Best Buy is selling Revelations for $7.99 this upcoming Black Friday. I was thinking of getting it since I haven't played past ACII despite buying Brotherhood awhile ago but just never getting around to playing it.
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This is the second patch aside from the Day One patch, correct?