PS3 Owned

These are the games I currently own for PS3. All games are arranged in alphabetical order for your viewing pleasure. You're welcome.

Updated 12.11.11

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Posted by big_jon

Thats alot of games. Check out my lists
Posted by PJ

you dont have that many games. My number for this gen is over 100. 10 or so are XBLA and PSN games.
.... thats pretty sad, I probebly could have used some of that money for something else

Posted by Ujio
Posted by squidracerX

A. I don't think he was bragging about how many games he had, B. depending on how much they cost when he bought them 40 games is a LOT (that's like $500-$1200 a year on games depending on how long he's had the ps3, not including the cost of console and peripherals!), and C. this is only ps3........ not xbox and xbla as well.

Posted by Jaserno

I have a fair amount of PS3 games that I am yet to play as well :) Procrastination FTW!!!

Posted by RageousX

Don't feel bad about not touching MGS4... I got it with my PS3 bundle, popped it in once to find out what the fuss was about, and never played it again. Thank God it didn't load any trophies. 
My neglect list also includes Resistance 2, as well as Killzone 2, InFamous and Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time. It's hard to commit to unwrapping a new game when there's so many good games out and so much unfinished work in the ones you've already begun. Why can't we get paid to play, again?

Posted by Grillbar

i have 145 ps3 games right now and have played everyone of them and completed most of them. but this is still a good list. (you can check out my list if you want to)