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(Identity) Crysis 0

Crysis 2 is a confused game because I'm not sure it knows what type of game it ultimately wants to be. It plays like a FPS, but it succeeds more when it's played as a stealth game à la Metal Gear Solid. Granted, you have a nano suit that gives you augmented abilities like increased strength and armor. But those abilities are almost rendered moot considering you can often avoid combat all together with the cloaking ability that makes you invisible for a brief period of time (but which you can inc...

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Now with 100% More Necromorphs 0

I thoroughly enjoyed the first Dead Space. Guiding the unassuming hero, Issac Clarke, through his travails aboard the derelict, planet-cracking spaceship, the U.S.G. Ishimura, was both an intriguing and terrifying experience. So it's no surprise that it received a sequel.Dead Space 2 returns Issac to some new territory; chiefly an orbiting space station (called the Sprawl) where now, instead of wandering the vacuous corridors in search of answers to what happened to a decimated crew, he must dis...

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Patience is a Virtue in the Latest Deus Ex 0

Deus Ex is one of those rare games that can either be as deep or as shallow as you want. It all depends on how you decide to approach its subject matter and how invested you choose to become in its mature narrative.On the surface you're getting a FPS/stealth hybrid with a sprinkling of RPG elements thrown in for good measure. Even though guns are prevalent, combat is not always the optimal choice. You wouldn't play Metal Gear Solid as a straight-up shooter even though it has guns; the same is tr...

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Solid Game but Falls a Little Flat w/ the Story 0

Naughty Dog delivers another triumphant adventure for PS3 owners. If you played the previous two then you kind of have an idea of what to expect. If you haven't, you can still jump into this game and enjoy it. You'll be lost when it comes to some of the characters and their history with Drake, but nothing imperative to the story.Everything in this game is top-notch; from the frenetic pace of the combat to the clever (but not too clever) puzzles you encounter. And let's not forget the characters ...

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It's a Fun Diversion, but Not Worth Keeping 0

After playing through this game twice I can safely say I saw everything Saints Row: The Third had to offer. While SR3 isn't a bad game, per se, compared to Saints Row 2, this one was lacking. It's a great example of style over substance. There are a lot of "Holy shit!" moments in the game, but once you've experienced them there's not much else to brag about and really no incentive to go back through.Some activities were mildly entertaining ("Mayhem" & "Fraud") while others were completely an...

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Don't Even Bother 0

Slow. Boring. Uninspired. These are words I think of when trying to describe this abortion of a game. There is nothing wrong with the mechanics of the gameplay, but Jesus Christ is this game boring.Despite being on the cover, no, Morpheus does not make an appearance (reeks of false advertising). Instead, you get a bunch of badly animated nobody characters to interact with as your silent protagonist goes through the rote process of forensic work. Missions are so boring and pedantic that the only ...

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Great for Kids and Not Much Else 0

I'll be honest, the only reason I played this game (let alone have a review for it) was for what I thought was going to be an "easy" platinum. Be that as it may, "easy" turned in to four separate play-throughs in order to unlock one of the last trophies I needed. I even used a guide and it still took four attempts.No, I'm not slow, and the intricate plot-line of a panda that can perform Kung Fu did not get the best of me. The reason is there are a total of 1800 collectibles you have to find in t...

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As Close to Perfection As You Can Get 0

It is not often a sequel out performs the original source material. Certainly there are exceptions in other viable mediums such as film: The Godfather Pt. II, Aliens, Terminator 2, The Dark Knight, etc. However while lightning may strike twice in Hollywood this occurrence is even less common in the video game world. But every now and then a sequel comes along and surprises its audience by improving upon the original in virtually every conceivable way. Thus has Uncharted 2: Among Thieves delivere...

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The Premiere Action-Adventure Game for PS3 0

To say Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is a great game is a massive understatement. Naughty Dog has done a phenomenal job in crafting an irresistibly fun game by weaving an intriguing tale of suspense, daring and adventure in one beautifully rendered package around a real-life legend. This tale revolves around the fabled city of El Dorado. Indeed, so tightly woven is the narrative that it almost feels real as you play through and bear witness to the events that unfold on-screen for the characters. An...

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Deep Spaced 0

Dead Space is a superb new entry in the survival-horror genre that never stops creating a very palpable, tension filled atmosphere through each of its twelve chapters. Taking strong inspiration from a variety of films such as Alien, Event Horizon and even John Carpenter's The Thing to other games in the genre such as Resident Evil, Dead Space turns out to be a successful amalgamation of ideas.Combining the peril of the unknown with the thrill of exploration and discovery you play as Issac Clarke...

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Great if You Bring a Friend 0

Resident Evil 5 is a radical departure from any previous games you may have played in the franchise's history. Capcom incorporated a few new game play mechanics this time around; chief among them is a new co-operative mode which is integral throughout the entire game. The A.I. partner is fairly competent if you must play with it, however, nothing can truly replace another human player. And it is this sole dependence that RE5 puts all of its eggs in one basket. What I recommend to anyone interest...

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Just Shy of Spectacular 0

Assassin's Creed is a bold adventure that spans back to the time of the Crusades. You'll play dual characters throughout the game, the first being Desmond who is kidnapped by a mysterious corporation and proceeds to subject him to a device called an Animus that is able to read his genetic memories. The second character is Altaïr -- the long-lost relative of present day Desmond and whose life is so interesting to this corporation. The plotline is serviceable if a little extraordinary.The graphics...

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The 360's first "must-have" game 0

Emergence Day. The day when the Locust Horde gathered under every major city and launched a surprise attack against humanity. Once disregarded as fictional boogey men by a society now decimated, the Horde turns out to be more frighteningly real and dangerous than anyone had previously imagined. That was fourteen years ago. Enter Marcus Fenix (you); a hard as nails ex-COG soldier now serving time in a maximum security penitentiary for defying orders when you tried to save your father which was un...

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