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Lots of people bash the truly last book by Colfer, but I don't. In true chronological sense "And Another Thing." Is the last Hitchhickers Book to quote Colfer
 "People have said, quite rightly, that Mostly Harmless is a very bleak book. And it was a bleak book. I would love to finish Hitchhiker on a slightly more upbeat note, so five seems to be a wrong kind of number; six is a better kind of number."    
If you have no intent of reading past the first or second book, then this is pretty inconsequential, and honestly I wouldn't hold it against you. Just getting the facts straight.

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Add me on Steam
ID: Ukion

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Yeah but I had a 50$ Gift Card for Amazon and there was a 20$ gift card for pre-ordering so... *shrug*
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Definitely Bombadeers

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@ThatFrood:  Least I Could Do WAS fairly awful it got significantly better as it went on. The trick is to realize that the whole things a joke ...
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Least I Could Do
 Looking For Group
also previously mentioned ones such as Dr. McNinja , QC, etc.
Also I'm sick of people being dicks about CAD. So Tim Buckley tried something different, sure it didn't work out that well but he still does a fairly funny comic, it has better jokes that Penny Arcade any day.
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Glasgow, Scotland. 
Living in Cary, NC now.

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Feel free to add me , will (Hopefully depending on Amazon) be getting it day one.
Gamertag: ClaymoreZ28

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SeductiveMoose beat me to the proverbial punch. Evony is a classic example in the  "WTF"-advertisement.
The Norton kinda makes sense, I mean Imagine having Iron Man defending your computer, you'd feel pretty safe.

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