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Posted by MOOImAPigg

 Yeah, I LOVE The Demo Myself. Im gonna get it First thing April 11th. Also, with the addition of Kratos in this mortal Kombat game, I cant wait to play as him. Though I have to say, Even EXPERT Mode is a bit easy for me. Im pretty Good at Mortal Kombat myself (Dont mean to brag) So I just wish the added more difficulty on Expert. And yes, its good that they included Fatalitys in the moves list, and they are rather easy to pull off. Thats one of the only problems for me in MK. I think in MK Armageddon they focused on adding Characters. They added Characters that barley even make sence like they just said "We have room for a few more, lets make up THIS Guy!" For Example, Jarek, and Kai... wtf? Anyway, cant wait for Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. 

Posted by Hizang

I too enjoyed the Demo, it seems to be a game that I could stand a chance agaisnt another played in, I mean I enjoy Marvel VS Capcom 3, but Its to fast paced for me to play online.

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The thing that I found to be truly great about the demo, and what I assume will be true for the full release as well, is the way it goes about discouraging button mashing by being so easy to learn to play. The game and all its mechanics are very easy to wrap your head around and none of the moves are overly complicated to do. Within a matter of minutes you have a handle on the characters and are intentionally doing specific moves. The game is very easy to pick up and play, which quickly sort of brings you into that next tier of leaning the strategy of the fight. 
The problem I have with a lot of fighting games is how you are immediately hit by this brick wall when getting into them. It takes dedication just to get the basics down and learning to execute moves without fail on a regular basis. So I never get into the more strategic and rewarding aspects of the play experience.  I think MK may be doing for fighting games what WoW did for MMOs. They make them something that even the most casual gamer can spend just a small amount of time with, but still walk away feeling like they had a meaningful and satisfying experience.

Posted by phantomzxro

I really liked what they are doing with the game but what tip me over was all the extra context as far as unlocks and different modes. alot of that stuff was in the mortal kombat DA days so i;m glad that stuff is returning which make this a full retail game to me and worth the money.
Posted by rasko9

this game is gonna be aswsome back to the 2d fighting wich is the best! 
 definately going to the store on the 19 to buy it.   
this game reminds me WHERES THE NEXT GEN KILLER INSTINCT AT?!!!!!! lol

Posted by dbz1995
@rasko9 said:
Exactly that, my friend.
 I've played that demo so much, and am absolutely loving it. 
I HAVE A QUESTION THOUGH: Has anybody successfully managed to do the Living Forest stage fatality?
Posted by supermonkey122

 " @rasko9 said:    I HAVE A QUESTION THOUGH: Has anybody successfully managed to do the Living Forest stage fatality? " 
It's disabled in the demo

Posted by McNaastyy

N@dbz1995: No i haven't been able to make it work either

Posted by rasko9

dont forget that their also bringing in some tag team action wich sounds prety aswome!
Posted by IBurningStar
@dbz1995 said:
"Has anybody successfully managed to do the Living Forest stage fatality? "
I kind of hope it is only in that trailer and isn't in the actual game. Because doing shit like that is part of the MK legacy, and that is just another thing they could do to celebrate the history of this franchise.
Posted by Silock
@rasko9: No thanks, I like focusing on a single guy, makes it feel more personal with less to worry about but your one fighter :)