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@Galiant: You don't have a clue what you're talking about if you think the AH was optional for Inferno. [...]

It's definitely optional because the possibility of grinding gear instead of buying it off the AH is still there. Unless your definition of optional is different from mine...the word "optional" has nothing to do with whether you like the alternatives that exist. If you're dying so much that you can't even repair then you'd go grind mobs that you could kill, repair with that gold and grind and gear up where you can without dying so much that you can't repair until you could eventually progress.

I mean I could also theoretically cut my finger off with a spoon if I want to spend a month there sawing at it, but it's so unrealistic to expect it, and there's an alternative so much faster that I'd consider that functionally equivalent to impossible, and so if I were going to talk about cutting my finger off, I'd say it's "not optional" that I need something sharper than a spoon to do it with, because I'm not a total asshat over semantics.

It's optional. You might not like it, but it's nowhere near the level of your absurd analogy. You're actually playing the game, getting loot and growing more powerful, like you have been for the entire game. The curve is just a lot steeper, which is what they wanted to accomplish with Inferno. No AH necessary.

At this rate, optional probably isn't the best word to use. Maybe optimal? Diablo III should be a stand-alone game, but D2 just casts too huge a shadow over it to not make comparisons. D2: Do Mephisto/Diablo/Baal runs for loot, trade what you get for other items you want.

D3: Run entire Acts fighting stupidly randomized monsters, praying they don't have some ungodly suffix combo, all for a chance at loot that probably has horrible stats, sell it(not trade for what you actually want) then use that money to maybe find something not craptacular for yourself; some hat with mostly Intelligence and less than 80 Strength perhaps.

I had fun playing Diablo III, but it was mostly because it was fresh with mechanics and environments. The loot definitely isn't the deciding factor for most people.

He is right, though. Blizzard's shitty security is a reason to hate Blizzard's shitty security, not one of their games you're trying to play. It's like saying "ewww, this milk is spoiled, I FUCKING HATE FROSTED FLAKES".

Their "security" options suck just as much balls for WoW, but that's not the reason I hate that game. But I disgress :P

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save your critics cause 3 season has arrived.

First off, critiques*. Secondly, I put a disclaimer at the end saying that, if you had bothered to read my post.

But like said, not a whole lot has changed as far as jungle starts go, although I would say almost everyone except Nunu starts Machete + 5. Nunu buys whatever the hell he wants and eats monsters all day. Many junglers can build the Spirit Stone, and the Ancient Golem one is pretty decent on a few (the Wraith and Lizard ones suck pretty badly). Otherwise you keep it as Machete for a while and just get faster and faster. And with that said, more junglers can actually go damage-y items instead of the support/tanky core of Season 2 (I hope Heart of Gold stays dead and rotting).

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Oh no. No spears.

I guess I'll forget that I've had a ton of fun with this dlc and demand a refund.

Because there weren't spears.

Haha, so true. Such a great piece of content and this is what people are complaining about? Boggles the mind.

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You 360 folk get the DLC a month before the rest of mortalkind. We PC folk get spears modded into the game whenever we want. Everything has its ups and downs.

But, yeah, it's a tremendously stupid thing to complain about.

And what an incredibly useless comment. Do you and the other "gamers" on here have nothing else to talk about?

It's ironic that you bitch about their bitching. No wonder I don't go on this shithole of a site anymore.

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I am loving some #4 and #6. Whats the site to vote?

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@Ulain: Who said I'm going anywhere fella?

sorry, your post seems to have attracted most of the assholes on these forums. Not everyone around here is like that.

I don't think the symbols have any specific meaning. I think a gfx designer probably saw something similar and thought it looked cool and had some nice symmetry, so in the game it went. I have no facts to back that up though, it's just a guess based on a lack of any other info.

If any of us seem like "assholes" it's because OP got butthurt by the silly answers we gave to his silly question. He then proceeded to act as if we weren't worth his time, which based on his whopping 9 posts, this last one being after 8 months of nothing, seemed pretty fucking accurate that he ragequit the forums.

Feel free to call us assholes when you obviously didn't bother to learn the context, though. It's working well.

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@SilverGalford: I'm sorry, but a lot of this is pretty bad or at least midleading advice. Using mana or not does not determine if you should get blue buff first or not; it's a champion-by-champion basis, and also personal preference (for instance, lee sin, mundo and riven can start blue or red). If your jungle champ uses mana, safe bets are to grab blue first, but again, there is no static answer to this.

When to gank is another misleading one. Champs like Warwick have a hard time ganking til 6, but (again) someone like Mundo and Lee Sin can (and probably should) gank as soon as they hit 2, for the level advantage if the opponent is still 1. It is also dependent on the opponent; you may want to gank some of them before they hit 6, or when they're even level 3 (many top champions have an incredibly strong low-level game, making a gank very important to give your ally an advantage in gold/levels).

I personally think custom games are good for nothing more than knowing your clear times, and even that will be different in a real match. Bots won't leash for you, they won't set up ganks (hell, they probably won't even hit the fucking enemy at all). Co-op vs AI games really aren't much better because of how stupid the AI is to begin with: they will stay in lane until about 20%, making them easy pray for the person already in lane, and you will have very few opportunities to really learn how to gank properly. Personal opinion, but I also find Bot match players to be incredibly selfish and (usually) have a poor grasp of game mechanics, because it's really hard to do poorly in one, so any bad habits will not likely be punished, and games usually become a match of who can get the most kills.

and one important thing , before you gank ,ask your team mates if the lane is warded , otherwise you will get screwed . sometimes i don't do it cause i'm sure there is no ward.

This is good advice, for the jungler and everyone else. If an enemy goes back to base and returns, immediately check their inventory (press O or hold Tab) to see if they bought wards. It's also pretty obvious if they wander down the river for a second and then come back to lane.

Cloth Armor + 5 red potions, and if you are ONLY Warwick or Shaco , boots + 3 red potions . Warwick uses Q to heal himself and Shaco puts a lot of boxes (go quickly of course ) around the monster with the blue or red rune.

I'm sorry, but this is the shittiest advice you put. There are TONS of champions that can start with Boots + 3 pots (as long as you have a good leash) and even low level players can easily and quickly be explained how to do a proper leash. 50 extra Movement Speed from boots allows those early ganks that much easier. With my level 30 masteries and quints, I can reach 411 movement speed at level 1. That can pretty much guarantee a gank because you move so much fucking faster than most everyone else.

All your other advice is pretty good.

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Stonewall008 on YouTube has some great videos of him jungling. He kind of speeds past a lot because for people who are comfortable jungling, it isn't really the interesting aspect. But he talks a lot about strategy and when/how to act in a certain situation. I'd say give them a look at least.

This. This is honestly all you need. The man is a jungling god. His videos are greatly detailed, have great commentary, and are very up-to-date. I mentioned it in my original post a few months ago, but he has a Tier List on reign of gaming that can give newcomers (and veterans alike) a grasp of who may be the best/funnest/easiest junglers to play.

One last note: The end of Season 2 is incredibly close, and plans for Season 3 include a rehaul of the jungle. Rumors are that it's going back to a more Season 1 feel (which can be speculated to mean less viable junglers than we have now, which is pretty much everyone at the moment). What this also means is that a lot of this advice could become outdated and/or inaccurate for viewers here. But again, that's what we have Stonewall for. Pop on over to the site and you can read some of his predictions of what could happen.

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@Kyreo: Maybe I'm just fucking crazy then. Still looks really fucking awful though, I'm surprised that a game that is supposed to have grand vistas doesn't have very grand looking vistas.

Whatever man. If there is one thing I've come to realize about games it's that graphics are a luxury and gameplay is what matters. Fucking look at the hits like Super Meat Boy, VVVVVV, Hotline Miami, and Limbo. Play the game and get over it if it can't be helped.

Though I know there are a ton of visual mods for Skyrim, so in this case, yer in luck.

Normally I'd agree with you: get over it! But this sounds like a glitch if it didn't always look like this, which would definitely be off-putting, wondering what else is going to look weird in the game. It also probably looks even worse in-game than in just a screenshot where you have a fixed view.

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Personally, if I'm going to play a Warcraft-like MMO, I'm going to play Warcraft.

This. Why do these clowns keep trying the same goddamn formula when it hasn't worked in 5 years? Nobody will "beat" WoW except themselves, and if the kids finally realize how much time they're wasting on it :(

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"I wanna take you out."

"On a date?"

"...yeah, that could work."

I lol'd. This season is shaping up to be pretty awesome, and I like the small acknowledgements back to previous seasons.

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@Jrinswand: I have barely played a ranger, so take my word with a grain of salt, but I was under the impression that even after the nerf, shortbows are their strongest damage still. especially in PvE, it still just fires so damn fast. As for condition builds (in general) for PvP, it does have the caveat of mostly allowing you to balance the rest of your stats around Vit/Toughness/Precision, without being too much of a glass cannon. What I mean is, in a normal power-build, you're likely getting precision too, but what makes crits powerful is bonus crit damage, which does not come on gear with a lot of defensive stats.

Condition removal is overrated, IMO, because most of the builds allow easy stacking of it anyway (Ranger or otherwise). IT will be used, obviously, but they have cooldowns so you will still be able to get some damage off, and likely survive better because you aren't glass cannon.