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I was unable to watch live but was hoping I could watch tonight. Is it not likely to show up until sometime tomorrow evening?

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@starvinggamer: House Forrester and this whole ironwood buisness is completely made up for the game. It sounds like it will tie into the world a bit in ways that might be fun for fans of the books/novels, but the mainline of the story is based around telltale original characters in an original part of westeros made up for the game. I imagine it will be pretty playable with no familiarity to the fiction, assuming you're a big fan of the telltale style of story game.

Edit: This isn't technically true, House Forrester is mentioned as an aside house existing in one throwaway line in one of the books or something.

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Dawngate had a really impressive loading time that was basically instantaneous for all players, and It's a shame that that amazing loading time isn't going to live on.

Game was okay too, tried to do some things differently. I wonder if the game was really doing so poorly it wasn't even worth keeping servers up though?

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Anyone still got ps4 codes kicking around? The game doesn't run super great on my pc ( I own xcom enemy unknown so in that alpha).

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Thanks I'll give that a try.

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I bought the Season pass, steam tells me that I do infact own Clash in the Clouds. When I load up bioshock infinite the DLC section in the menu is greyed out.

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Where is the demo for this game actually at? It's not on their website or in steam, and when I Google "Omerta city of gangsters demo" I just get several gaming sites saying "hey there's a demo out".

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If there is no praise the sun emote in DS2 then From has done us all a great disservice.