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@Aronman789: Thanks
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I was watching the "alexis and dave talk design" video, and in it they mention that there is stuff on justin tv from the days before Giantbomb Archived stuff themselves. They said that users had created pages that organized and linked to all that prearchive stuff, can someone direct me to one of those user pages please?

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I've been playing a 2 person team of Painwheel/Peacock. Voted Peacock in the poll since she's obviously the best designed fighting game character in history.

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It's worth noting that the L1 and L2 buttons are default shortcut to calling assists, so if you're going to play a team you need to actually press 2 buttons whenever you want to do a super. This seems really minor but can be surprisingly easy to fuck up on a controller, especially if you've been playing SF4 for years now and are used to just tapping L1/L2 to get it done.
That said, as a pad warrior, the game actually controls perfectly fine on a controller. Combo's are also super easy to do in this game.

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An extended cut isn't going to fix the thematic problems, probably isn't going to fix the plot holes, and definitely isn't going to fix the amount of wtf deus ex machina that the ending was.
 But hey at least they're offering it for free which helps remove the cynicism that they might have done shitty ending deliberately just to sell dlc.

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Patrick still misrepresenting why people are mad about mass effect's ending. Willful dishonesty or just lazy reporting? Who knows.
There's a really good game front article about why the ending is horrible.
*for the record, I'm not a Retakemasseffecter, even if they dlc'd in a good ending, in my head I will always know how ME3 ended and it will still be ruined from a story point of view. Still a fun game though.

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Mono was the only mode where I really felt like Audio Surf was translating my music into the course in a meaningful capacity.
Hopefully Mono Returns.

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@Gunzilla: I think you're missunderstanding people's problem with the ending, very few of the people angrily protesting the ending and all that shit are mad because the ending wasn't happy. There are much bigger problems than happy or not.
There's a good (though longwinded) article about why the ending was bad on GameFront.
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Patrick, it's not a polarizing response when the poles are "THIS IS THE WROST GOD DAMN THING EVER" and "eh... it wasn't that bad"

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Of the dlc, chances are I'm only going to play Sakura, unless I get real good with Guile and decide to continue my super fun time out victory team with Dhalsim. Otherwise I can replace Guile with Sakura and play my two main characters from SF4.
On the other hand, I am not going to pay 20 bucks for one fucking character and am not buying the dlc if capcom keeps it in a bundle only and no other options.