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It's from the humble bundle. I own this stuff already so first come first serve.

Terraria: https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=mctPqpMahFMx6TMs

Crusader Kings II: https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=rWsc6B5huMvERUme

Crusader Kings II - Norse Unit Pack: https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=YsEY8335dUhyrH3W

Crusader Kings II - African Unit Pack: https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=KxwY2CVbUbXxuc2T

Crusader Kings II - Russian Unit Pack https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=C5CZ5t2sS8uBmh7X


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Destiny has the most potential to be the best. Far Cry 4 will end up being pretty good if they just make FC3 again but they are making some cool changes so I'm expecting that one to be my favourite. There isn't much information about Doom, UT and Rainbow Six so it's hard to say anything about them. I hope Halo is not just more Halo. Killing Floor 1 wasn't a great game and 2 looks to be more of the same so I'm not hopeful about that at all.

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Someone said something positive about Watch Dogs on Giant Bomb?!

I agree with a lot of what you said. It's biggest problem for me was that it didn't use the hacking to it's full potential even though the game was capable of it. The hacking does add enough to the game to make it more than a GTA clone and I ended up enjoying the gameplay parts of this game far more than GTA V.

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@geraltitude: I knew I was going to feel stupid. I knew that and if I had taken the time to type that into google, I wouldn't have needed to ask.

On topic though, there are a bunch of people pointing to exclusives like Bloodborne but the difference is these are new IPs. The reason people are not complaining about that exclusive is the same reason people are not complaining about Sunset Overdrive on the xbox side. Those games started off as exclusives. This is an already established franchise with a lot of investment from fans.

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This looks super cool and as one of the 3 people in the world who wanted controller support on the PC version, I'm super happy. Have they talked about system requirements yet?

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@extomar: I feel really stupid but what does ISP stand for? Do you mean IP or is this something else?

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@mb: I know there will probably be a PC version so I'm not sweating too much but I'm wondering why they would risk the backlash. That's easy to say in hindsight though.

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Get new friends.

As for my favourite moment. All of Rising.

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I don't get the lack of a PC version. Exclusives at this stage of the system's life cycle are most likely done to get people on the old consoles to the new one. No one investing in a modern PC is going to shell out and spend another chunk of money on an Xbox. People who invest in a PC for gaming do it for reasons that the console don't provide so this exclusivity isn't going to bring them over either. I feel like Square Enix could have mitigated some of the backlash by having it be console exclusive. It wouldn't have hurt Xbox sales and reduced the number of complaints.

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I'd love to see another Vanquish. I don't think that sold that well though. Probably less than Bayonetta and we know how that went.