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So much better than i.

I love the structure of this song, how it builds up and his voice becomes more aggressive.

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@csl316 said:

Jeff's funny as hell, in this context. Off the cuff remarks and reactions make me laugh week in and week out, but prepared jokes? I don't know. His Rap Man interview was god damn hilarious and his deliveries in Collect-shun are legend, but I'm guessing that wasn't a strict script, either.

But Jeff has more to offer than making people chuckle. When he gets serious about a topic it's always insightful and well thought out. I wouldn't want him to go full comedian and have every appearance result in "HEY DO THAT THING YOU DO!"

This so much.

Jeff is funny as hell but I'm not sure he would appeal to the general public as much and he is much more than his comedy. His perspective of games is always interesting to listen to and he would have to cut out most of the gaming stuff if he did stand up.

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It's clear that this isn't meant to be a serious review and anyone taking it as such is only making it more hilarious At least I hope it isn't a serious review.

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Bump it to hard, I'm doing that for my second playthrough and I'm enjoying it far more. I'm still not using tactics all the time but I'm having to be more careful and plan fights out. Nightmare might be a good idea if you really want a challenge.

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You've played less Persona so go with that. You're at a stage where you might start getting bored of DA.

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This was really interesting. It certainly makes me more interested in Destiny although I'm guessing the story is nothing like this.

Does your character speak in Destiny?

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Oh, during my exams. PERFECT!

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Done. Good luck bro

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I have been waiting for a developer to put their whole game into RAM

The dream is real!

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That knowledge of Japanese thing seems odd. Western coverage of Japanese games has reduced in the recent years as has the interest in japanese games.

It's good to see more dudes at GBeast though.