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The fact that Aien Isolation keeps popping up on these lists has peaked my interest, may have to pick that one up.

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Oh man, I hope it's better than Downpour

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@winterstrike: Trolls need to do their research for maximum effectiveness. It's sad to see when someone does shoddy work because they're too lazy to do their homework. That's the kind of thing that will get you blacklisted with the alliance to boot.

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I can't stop crying right now. This is a tragedy, and Ryan will be remembered by all those who loved him.

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I think Anna Kipnis made some really good analogies to Tarantino's protagonist in Kill Bill. Sexy yet blood spattered in a way that it didn't make me slightly nauseous like this one. Good article Patrick, haters gonna hate.

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If I spent half the amount of time working hard and bettering myself as I do devising ways to get food delivered to my house without having to talk to anyone I'd be in a far better place in life. But oh well.

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Probably never see the light of day now.

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@Azteck: I'm with you there. I felt I got my moneys worth with Mortal Kombat, but I only played MvC for like a weekend. Also I had a lot of regret for buying Rage on PC when it first came out, it still doesn't work with my video card.

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@kingzetta: I am well aware of it. You have to beat it now. You have 25 hours, hurry go now! Wait. It's dangerous to go alone, take this. (Gives pack of grape flavored condoms and a firecracker). Now young warrior, by Azura's binding, go forth!

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Needs more Sonic Generations