Fate of the World and new DoW2 expansion

So two new games that I wanted came out yesterday on steam; Fate of the World and Dawn of War 2: Retribution. I had already pre-ordered DoW2:R and was waiting for a demo for FotW, but then I read that there isn't one coming out in the near future so I went ahead and bought it. Even if it turns out to be a total disaster, at least it wasn't very expensive. 

The mission select screen in Fate of the World

 I started out yesterdays gaming night with FotW. Containing 4 missions, the first one of which is kind of a tutorial, one might think that this is not a very lengthy game. After playing through the tutorial and the first of the three real missions though, I'm not very concerned over this games longevity any more. It seems as if each mission will be pretty fun to replay, because even if I managed to get through the second mission (after reloading a save close to the end and changing some minor decisions), the world was in total chaos. North America was pretty much gone, ravaged by war, famine and poverty. The regions that I was still in control in were hanging by a thread, with civil wars, natural disasters discontentment with the GEO (i.e. the player) spreading like wildfire. I managed to get the world through to the year 2120, but at what cost? I will definately keep playing this game and probably review it here when I'm done. 
When time came to play DoW2, it was already pretty late (12:15 AM) so I didn't want to start a new campaign right off the bat. I instead opted to try out last stand, a mode that I played a little bit of in Chaos Rising and I was curious to see if they made any huge changes to it. I was paired up with two last stand veterans, each with more than one char at lvl 20 (which I believe is the max lvl), and together we tried out a new map. At first we all used lvl 1 characters, and we we're obliterated by the second wave, so this map is probably more aimed towards players who already got a high lvl last stand character. The other guys then switched to their high-level characters, and we were able to get to wave 18. Next time I will probably try the other map though. But, before that, more FotW is waiting and of course the DOW2:R campaign!


Done with Starcraft 2, on to new old games

Earlier today I finished Starcraft 2, and I have to say that I'm really impressed by it. The story made me want to play through the original Starcraft + the Brood War expansion (which are sitting nicely in a bookshelf right behind me), which I played when I was younger and used a lot more cheats :P I read up the story a bit on Wikipedia though, so I guess I'll let it be for now. 
I've been playing some Borderlands and Halo: ODST as well. So far, I enjoy Borderlands (I'm lvl 20ish, just "met" Sledge) with it's Diablo-like loot system, though I haven't fallen for ODST just yet. I never really liked the Halo series as much as more mature games such as Gears of War, so I guess I'm not that surprised. I couldn't care less about what happens in the Halo universe.


Diablo II impulse buy....

With all the Starcraft 2 hype going on, I got a blizzard fever and decided to try out Diablo 2, which I own but have never played. After registering my game at Battle.net, I decided that I should probably get the expansion, Lord of Destruction, as well, for a complete Diablo 2 experience. So I bought a digital Copy of LOD,getting pretty hyped since I loved both Titan Quest and TQ: The immortal throne. 
But, to my dismay, hack n slash games on the PC have changed in the years between Diablo 2 and Titan Quest. The graphics are horrible and I miss a lot of stuff from titan quest, like bigger inventory, being able to hold down the mouse button to attack etc. 
Diablo 2 gets a thumbs down from me...


My first S-rank: Check

Minutes ago I got to level 20 in DeathSpank, and in doing so finally S-ranked a game. So a new GB achievement coming tomorrow hopefully :) 
I finished it a while ago though, please check out my review.  
Been browsing a bit about Grim Dawn, too bad that it's a long way out. Titan Quest was great


Finished the GTA IV DLC, onto BFBC:2!

Finished up GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony earlier today  (read my review of both the episodes here), I enjoyed both of them pretty much. Now it's time to move on to Battlefield: Bad Company 2, probably going to try to play through the single player first and then get into some multiplayer.


Finally no more Final Fantasy

I'm done with Final Fantasy 13, last night I got to the last boss, and after to tries when he one-shot my main character about 15 minutes into the fight, I decided that I'm done and I won't play this game anymore. I deleted my save files and moved on to GTA IV, The lost and damned, feels great to hear some good voice acting for a change.


Done with Darksiders, what now?

So I just finished up Darksiders, enjoyed it throughout though the pacing was more to my taste in the earlier parts of the game, I got stuck on some of the puzzles later on (due to me missing some stuff in the environment) which was pretty frustrating. Still, best game of the year so far after Mass Effect 2, I'll play the sequel too when it comes out. 
The question is what to do now until FFXIII. I've been dabbling in Torchlight a little bit again, got some armor "just one level above me" that I want to try, I'm a sucker for loot grinders. Or I could continue with Napoleon. Or Greed Corp. Or play some MW2 multiplayer. Well, it's at least better to chose from a lot of games than having none to chose from. 
Greed Corp is pretty fun so far, but I fear that I've already "tried" the whole game after playing three levels, and the single player is 24 missions long. As far as I can tell, the teams have the same units with different skins. It looks pretty nice though. 
Probably gonna play some Torchlight now and listen to some music.


Darksiders vs. Napoleon, Round One... FIGHT

Darksiders arrived in my mailbox this week, I was pretty busy in the beginning of the week so I didn't really play much at first. I had been playing a good bit of Empire: Total War the previous week, so I got pretty excited about Napoleon: Total War and pre-purchased it on Steam. When I finally had time to play games, Napoleon was ready on my hard drive, so I had to choose which game I would give my precious time first. I decided to try them both a little first, and then choose depending on which I felt more compelled to start with. 
Already at the menus it's clear that Napoleon is built upon Empire: Total War, the UI looks a lot like it and it's set in roughly the same time period. It is a stand alone game, but even though it is, it feels a lot more like an expansion with a more directed approach than it's predecessors, akin to the Road to Independence campaign found in Empire. I have yet to try the other campaign yet (campaign of the coalition, in which you fight against Napoleon instead of as him), but I feel a bit disappointed in the game so far. It seems to lack the scope of Empire, and only being able to choose from 4 different countries (except France) is kind of a bummer.  
You better bring some bigger guns next time, Napoleon!

Darksiders, on the other hand, has me in it's claws. It might take a lot of mechanics from other titles, notably Zelda, but it does it well and in a new world with satisfying combat. The voice actor for War is certainly not my favorite, but that doesn't really bother me. The game also looks amazing and has a great art style. I guess I don't have to spell out the Darksiders is the game that I'm currently playing, and will keep doing so until I finish it. It's been great so far, and nothing about it has me doubting that it will continue to be great. 
On the topic of Steam, the new UI-beta really needs some fixing. Why is everything so large? It's hard to get an overview of the store as it is now. And Valve, bring back the compact mode!