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How do you prove to them you bought the game? Take a picture or something?

You have to send a photo of your receipt, as well as information regarding where you bought it etc. The process is detailed here http://ubisoft-en.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/17223

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So does anyone know how Rocksmith on PC works? Like, how would I use the Steam version? Where do you get that dongle they use to translate the sound into the game? I've always been curious about the game, but this PC version especially sounds like something they didn't really think out before doing it. This thread kind of cements that.

You can buy the cable separately if you want (though it's cheaper to buy a physical copy bundled with the dongle. However, if you already have the 360 or PS3 version, you already have the dongle and thus you can buy the Steam version without getting a new one.

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I bought Rocksmith today, and like many other Rocksmith buyers around Europe, my copy didn't come with a CD-key. It seems like Ubisoft made a huge mistake somewhere along the packaging line, as shown by the number of people complaining about it on the official ubisoft forums. http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/718433-no-cd-key-Forums/page6

Just a heads-up to anyone thinking about buying the PC version, be aware that you might have to deal with Ubisoft customer support and wait until they email you a CD-key. I'm not sure if this applies to the copies of Rocksmith sold in the US, since everyone who's complaining so far lives in Europe.

Edit: I've gotten my key from customer support now, took about 5 hours from when I first filed my ticket.

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I bought it today, I've been messing around in the demo (since there was no CD-key in my box) and I found it to be pretty responsive too. I'm certain that the value "4" doesnt mean "4 ms", but rather has something to do with how often the game "empties" the audio cache or something like that. I've lowered it to 1 too, without any audio crackling or any other problem. I could notice a bit of lag at 4, but at 1 it's not noticeable, which is great!

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So I'm really interested in Rocksmith, but the one thing that might keep me from buying it is the possibility that there will be too much audio lag for it to be enjoyable. Has anyone who already has the realtone cable tried the demo on steam, and if so, how bad would you say that the audio lag is? How is it compared to the audio lag on the consoles?

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I really wanted to try this game, I heard that there was a free weekend this week so I signed up yesterday and downloaded the game overnight. However, now that I've downloaded the client, it says that my trial time has expires =S (really weird). Has anyone got any 7-day trial to spare? I read that all active subscribers do.

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I've got 6 coal and 2x Dota 2 invites, willing to trade some for Atom Zombie Smasher

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Did you use the Oghma Infinium when you got it or did you just not pick it up in the first place? You can't just complete the quests, you actually have to get the artifacts as well.

Used it

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I've kinda S-ranked it, the Daedric quest achievement is bugged/weird though, did it in 69 hours.

how is it bugged? I S-ranked it, also took just over 80 hours.

This along with oblivion and the two other fallout games....so many bethesda S-ranks....

I completed all the daedric quests and kept all the items except Ohgma Infinium, but still didn't get the achievement.

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I've kinda S-ranked it, the Daedric quest achievement is bugged/weird though, did it in 69 hours.