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Americans and Wehrmacht for me, PE are alright but I don't like the Brits. The Brits just don't suit my playing style.

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I bought it off steam 1 year ago, gonna give it a try again with a 5-day free reactivation, see if it grows on me this time.

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Pyro is a good starting class in my opinion, and once you get the hang of the engineer it's pretty easy to get a few kills with sentry guns, even if you're not good at aiming.

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@VampireWhale: It was :) Epic 2 hour Metallica set at the end of the festival, 35000 people attended it.
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I saw Metallica, Lamb of God, Machine head, Mastodon and a few others at Sonisphere in Hultsfred, Sweden last weekend.

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@SketchyBrown: I played the demo  with M&KB, and then the first 3 levels with Gamepad. I've played levels 4-6 with M&KB on my computer monitor due to it being late and I'm not able to use the TV + sound system when it's late. I've heard on a podcast about the last level being hard, I guess I would play it with M&KB if you have to do things like switching between characters in mid-air to stuff stuff, but as long as I can manage with a gamepad, I still prefer TV + gamepad over monitor + M&KB.
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I'm playing the PC version with a 360 controller, and I think it works fine even though the mouse/keyboard works better. Can't play it on my TV with the mouse/keyboard though.