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With all the Starcraft 2 hype going on, I got a blizzard fever and decided to try out Diablo 2, which I own but have never played. After registering my game at Battle.net, I decided that I should probably get the expansion, Lord of Destruction, as well, for a complete Diablo 2 experience. So I bought a digital Copy of LOD,getting pretty hyped since I loved both Titan Quest and TQ: The immortal throne. 
But, to my dismay, hack n slash games on the PC have changed in the years between Diablo 2 and Titan Quest. The graphics are horrible and I miss a lot of stuff from titan quest, like bigger inventory, being able to hold down the mouse button to attack etc. 
Diablo 2 gets a thumbs down from me...

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Great read, I'll keep an eye out for more stuff from you! 
Btw, do you know if it's possible to unlock new decks in the X360 version faster than unlocking them 1 card/battle at a time?

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@JTB123: The only problem is that I live in Sweden, and there are hardly any places (I don't know any) that rent out video games here :(
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I've heard pretty mixed things about this game, and since there's no demo of it on XBL then it's hard to know if I should get it

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Has anyone tried the card game Warhammer: Invasion? I bought it a few days ago, my favourite faction so far is the Orcs. 
If you have it, do you also have the expansion, and/or any battle packs? Is it worth getting them as well?

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@DevWil: Pretty nice. I play the guitar myself, started playing 2.5 years ago by learning through tabs and youtube videos. I'm not very good but it's certainly fun!
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How can I find it on your last.fm page?

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Finished the game now, might try to get to level 20 tomorrow (im 18 now), don't really feel like it's worth it now though...

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I'm a few hours into the game, and I read through the achievement list. Do you get a S-rank in this game by basically finishing the game including sidequests?

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I bought it after playing the demo as well. I find the cut scenes funny, but the dialogues are just too slow...