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Maybe the world is doomed, after all 0

The fate of the world puts you in the position as the boss of the GEO (Global Enviromental Organization), and it's up to you to use the agents you have at your disposal to save the future for mankind. The game is turn-based and starts in 2015, with each turn taking you a further 5 years into the future. To prevent armageddon you will have to recruit agents all over the world, and then task them to do various things with a card-like system. Each of the missions  have different goals, some just re...

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Is this cause really just? 0

Dropped off on the, for a game world, fictional giant island of Panua, you are tasked to overthrow the militarian dictator Baby Panay who has the island in an iron grip. You are Rico Rodriguez, the protagonist returning from the first Just Cause, sent by "the agency" to redeem the people of Panau from their oppressor. To accomplish this, you will side with various rebel factions already set on revolution, for more or less ideological purposes.  You will help the rebel faction take over stronghol...

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Looting with humor 0

DeathSpank is a downloadable game available on XBLA and PSN. DeathSpank tries to take the Diablo formula of bashing (or spanking) endless hordes of monsters to death,collect their precious items and level up in the hunt for better stats. You start out in the end of your search of a legendary item of unimaginable power called simply "The artifact". Your hunt for the artifact will take you on a perilous journey through the lands as you meet orphans, other heroes trying to complete their quest logs...

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DotA as it should be 0

Heroes of Newerth (hereby known as HoN), is a clone of the popular Warcraft 3 custom map DotA, a map that already has spawned off numerous games, including League of Legends and Demigod. For those of you who have played DotA, don't worry about the tutorial, as you will undoubtedly feel right at home in HoN, as the games are very semilar, down to level design and playable heroes. For those of you who haven't, the purpose of HoN is to work together with your team (usually consisting of five player...

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New sides of Liberty City 0

GTA: Episodes from Liberty City puts the two downloadable episodes "The Lost and Damned" and "The Ballad of Gay Tony" together in one disc release. You will take on the roles of Johnny Klebitz, member of the biker gang "The Lost", as well as Luis Lopez, body guard and errand boy for night club owner Gay Tony Prince.  Cmon baby, Shake those..... ehmm, arms? In The Lost and Damned, you are the Vice President of biker group The Lost, acting as president until the recently released from prison B...

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Lots of money spent, but not very well 0

Let me start out by saying that Final Fantasy 13 looks really good. The CG cutscenes (of which there are plenty) are well done and most have cost a fortune to produce. The game also sports a combat system that's intriguing when it starts to open up, but it will take 15+ hours for you to get there. Unfortunately, except these two things there aren't many postive things to say about this game.    Press A to win  This game, and the designers of it, are apparently stuck in a time bubble which close...

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Good engine makes up for mediocre campaign 0

Battlefield: Bad Company takes the proven Battlefield formula firefights on a massive scale and tries to make it into a single player as well as a multiplayer shooter. Touting the Frostbite engine with a mostly destructable world and focus  on high quality sound, the engine really shines and the game is technically very impressive with a steady frame rate. The gameplay in the single player campaign falls a bit short however.  Explosions are AWESOME!In the single player, you play as Preston Marlo...

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