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Mass Effect Pt.3 0

Five years ago the story driven developer Bioware released their new franchise into the wild. Since then, players around the world have been enraptured by the story of Commander Shepard and The Reapers. As players interest in their own adventures grew; so too did the expectations that the final chapter of Shepard's adventure would be as fulfilling as the rest of the narrative. For the most part, Mass Effect 3 does tie off a fair number of loose ends. If you've been with the series since the begi...

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A Regretful Purchase 15

 Succumbing to the hype of BRINK's trailers and boasts involving parkour and a near-limitless set customization options, I decided to pre-purchase it before any reviews were posted. My first reaction to BRINK was a mixture of confusion of what the game was truly about and concern about my spending of fifty dollars. BRINK's story is a series of empty transitions from one mission to the next as the missions themselves have no more story to them than any multi-player shooter. Given special titl...

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