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I've been listening to Park Ji Yoon - Yoo hoo. I like her songs, they always have a fresh vibe.

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@clush: To think they won EURO 2004 playing like this disgusts me to no end. I fucking hate their brand of anti-football.

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First the slip, and now this.

I don't think this is Gerard's year.

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@leebmx said:

Indeed, compare Ronaldo to Messi.

Those kind of comparisons never end well, especially when you go about their personalities, just because Messi is less emotional on the pitch than Ronaldo that doesn't make him less of a cunt when he wants to be.

Anyway, today just wasn't Portugal's game, everything that had to go wrong went wrong and a really strong Germany showed up to boost. Now without, Pepe, Almeida and Coentrão they'll really have to put on their best performances to pull through the group. A tie in the upcoming Ghana-USA would help them too.

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@darthorange: Sure, the Dutch are an unpredictable bunch and their striking power is probably fading. But they still got more than enough to get out of this group stage.

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@leebmx said:
Very interested to see how the two groups of death. Spain, Holland, Chile, Australia and England, Italy, Uruguay, Costa Rica play out.

Like @notnert427 said, Group G is much more a group of death than either of those two.

Spain and the Netherlands have got B shut down, and although Uruguay has a good team I think England will still make it out in the second spot of D.

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New Psy is out.

Though it seems more of a Snoop Dogg ft. Psy song, than the other way around.

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Girls' Generation Visual Dreams for Intel, is still one of my favorite CF songs.

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New group Berry Good. Silly name but I like their cute raps, they seem to be going for that A-Pink vibe.

Oh, and Jiyeon from T-ara has gone solo.

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"No I don't have a ton of money; I have equity in the company. But we're not planning on selling the company or doing anything to liquidate that - we're trying to remain independent and build what we're building." Palmer Luckey

Well, so much for that. eh