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"No I don't have a ton of money; I have equity in the company. But we're not planning on selling the company or doing anything to liquidate that - we're trying to remain independent and build what we're building." Palmer Luckey

Well, so much for that. eh

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@wemibelec90 said:

Oh, and while I'm here, I feel I should contribute this weirdness from Lip Service, a new (?) group. I still can't quite tell if I love or hate this song, but I can't deny that it's really damn catchy and pretty amusing.

That song is catchy as hell.

@wemibelec90 said:

New song from Sunmi this week - Full Moon. Not really sure how I feel about it yet. Something about it sounds off to me, like the beat got spat out of the computer wrong. Maybe it'll grow on me?

Also figured I'd add my favorite new thing from the world of KPOP - a girl group actually playing instruments! I'm the Best by Bebop is unlike anything I've seen from the genre (although I could have easily missed it) and reminds me a lot of a few JPOP bands I really like. My only issue with this release is that the beat sounds a bit too familiar. Hopefully, future releases will distinguish themselves a bit.

Why does JYP still insists on those terrible intros, it ruins it for me. I really like Sunmi though, kind of sad that she is all that's left from the Wonder Girls.

I always wonder when Kpop will get saturated, with all these new groups debuting every year. But surprisingly, these new releases still keep me interested and waiting for more.

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@wemibelec90: Unsurprisingly, music shows have started banning her performance.

In other news, Eunji and Lee Sem have left 9Muses. But the group will still be called 9Muses, weird.

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Fuck U, the new song from Gain. I really like it, she never disappoints me.

I don't think these have been posted here yet:

Rainbow Blaxx - Cha Cha. Rainbow's new subgroup.

AOA - Miniskirt

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Giantbomb can be a pretty shitty community sometimes...

Anyway dude, good look building your new PC. I built mine a year ago and had a couple of "have I ruined it?!" moments, but it's easy if you do a bit of research first and get everything organized.

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I guess the nintendium myth is true, even dogs can't ruin a 3DS.

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.What's the point of QA, when stuff like this goes unnoticed.

@xyzygy: Those are upside down fangs, it means he is a vampire.

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My deepest condolences.

RIP Ryan.

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And they probably also want 70 dollar games in the next generation.

Cant wait to buy my 70 dollar game and have most items and the game final chapters behind a paywall.

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