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I would loooooove to know just what the fuck happened that turned the Konami/Kojima relationship sour. I assume that it's sour.

I am all for Kojima finally breaking away from MGS and also all for someone else making games in the franchise. But then, Konami barely even makes games that are of a similar scope and scale as a Metal Gear anymore.

This is so weird.

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So, I guess that one of two things has to happen:

Nintendo finally allows Link to speak again, or this show does not star Link and thus nobody cares about it at all.

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I have a bit of a action figure and statue fetish, so I run into scalpers quite a bit. Rarely do I engage with them, however. I think that it's a super lame practice. Just let me pay what the thing is actually worth. But, then, so is making cool shit so goddamn limited in quantity. Like, if you don't go out and buy these high end action figures the day they're released, then you've missed your chance to buy it for a reasonable price and you're relegated to paying at least double later on. And now it's happening with games, too. I can understand some old out of print SNES game selling for a ton of money now, but GCN controller adapters? Majora's Mask skinned 3DS's? PS4's? They barely even give you time to load the website or drive to the store to make the attempt at buying it.

It's really nobody's fault but the manufacturers. I mean, mother fuckers: Do you want my damn money, or not?

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Uh . . . this came out of nowhere.

Best of luck, broski.

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I had a really good friend growing up who did this. He lived in a - let's say - very informal household? Everyone was telling everyone else to "fuck off" and whatnot. At first it seemed loveless and kind of passive aggressive, but there was a bit of playfulness to it all. It was incredibly awkward to be around. Also, his friends were forbidden to ever step foot inside of his house. We didn't hang out over there very much.

Anyway, my mom will always be Mom to me. Hell, if she had it her way, I'd still be calling her Mommy. I'm 28.

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I don't play FPS's so I don't know how map packs are typically handled in games. I would assume that there's some sort of checkbox when searching for matches in Mario Kart 8 (I don't own it, yet) that asks you if you want to race in your purchased DLC or not. And according to the article, that's essentially what's happening here.

What's the problem?

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@legion_ said:

@ultimaxe: It's pretty normal for a producer to be the one to promote the game. Most of the developers are busy, you know, developing.

Maybe? I don't pay much attention to peoples' titles, but when a Cliffy B game is coming out, Cliffy B is taking interviews. David Jaffe was running around promoting Twisted Metal. Same with Michel Ancel, Kojima, Mikami, Sakurai, Nomura, Kamiya etc. Point being, it's typically the creative visionary talking about their creative vision, not the person making sure that everyone is doing what they're supposed to be doing and keeping the studio from catching on fire.

Like I said, I'm not trying to belittle Jade Raymond's contributions to any of the games that she's worked on, but she was an odd choice for the Assassin's Creed PR campaign.

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The existence of Twitter continues to feel like a colossal mistake.

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@turboman said:

She completely disappeared from public eye since the first Assassin's Creed it feels like. Hopefully she makes something cool post-Ubisoft.

That's because there was a bit of a negative response to her being at the forefront of the AC1 PR campaign. Let me put on my tin foil hat for a minute here:

@murdoc_ said:

She was never a developer, she never "made" a video game. Just to get the facts right, she's a business women, not a developer.

Like murdoc_ says, Jade Raymond wasn't the creative visionary behind Assassin's Creed; Patrice Desilets was. But, Jade's really pretty, right? So Ubisoft parades her around as the "face" of Assassin's Creed because that's a good idea. To Jade's credit, she was always super humble and quick to point out and reiterate that the game is from Patrice's head, not hers, and she always talked about how awesome her entire team was. She never claimed to be on the creative side of the game's development and clearly stated that she was just the producer (not to belittle her contributions). But it all felt super sleazy on Ubisoft's part and people responded poorly towards it. I like to think that Ubisoft realized that they had been caught and decided to let the actual creative director of the franchise run the PR circle for the follow up games, like they should have done in the first place.

Anyway! I hope that Jade Raymond goes off and does something cool again.

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It's really, really sad that Giant Bomb (or anybody, for that matter) has to issue a huge statement that basically boils down to "Please don't be psychotic" and be thanked for it. I guess it's a shame that the Internet can be that much of a cesspool to where this needs to be said.

I don't think that ethics in video came journalism is worth getting this worked up about, but if you do truly feel that it's worth fighting for, being blind to what GamerGate actually is seems pretty crazy. Don't know why you'd see people issuing death threats to others and not immediately consider distancing yourself from the term entirely.