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If I'm not mistaken, those are the exact same games that they offered when PSN came back up. That's . . . fair, I guess? Lame, but fair.

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I remember the original Metal Gear Solid's anti-piracy measure was having Meryl's codec number on the back of the box. The game would tell you (the player, not Snake) to check the back of the box. I actually had no idea what it was talking about and spent ages checking my items and calling people. Eventually I gave up, but I happened to end up looking at the box at some point and noticing the codec screenshot on the back. The game forcing me to have that realization that it was speaking to me and not Snake opened my mind to more of the possibilities of an interactive medium. That and Psycho Mantis.

Also, interestingly, my Auntie and Uncle had a chipped PSOne at the time and a bunch of copied games, MGS being one of them. That part with the codec totally stopped them from getting any further. So it actually worked. Guess that's what the world was like before everyone used the internet.

That's not entirely true, and I would know because it was years before I realized that the CD case Campbell tells you to check was the game case and not the floppy disk you get right before that particular codec conversation. If you approach the doors that you need Meryl to unlock for you without ever contacting her yourself, then she'll call you, the game progresses as normal. A lot of people think that the game just ends there if you're too dumb to check the back of the box, but since I'm pretty dumb I can confirm that MGS does in fact throw you a bone.

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Man, before bed all the time every time. Who wants to go lie down in bed and sleep being all gross from the events of the day?

Although, since I work nights and into the morn and also go to the gym at like 1 pm or whenever I'm not lazy, I take showers at all sorts of times.

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I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed all of that slang for the wang.

Peeing through the fly always seems too dangerous. Like, what a great way to get pee on my pants.

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So people got mad that Giant Bomb hired two white males and then people got mad at the people who got mad, and then everyone acted like a total asshole because that's what the Internet is good at, right?

Also Giant Bomb is rad and the social/racial make-up of its staff is irrelevant. Just, you know, be funny and I'll remain a fan and continue to pay my subscription fee.

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I was afraid that this wouldn't be archived.

But then I discovered, through Jeff's Twitter, that Mixlr archives its own stuff anyway. Good to know.

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I work in a prison and, frankly, I don't think that i'd make it 20 years. The dumb shit that goes on in there that you have to involve yourself with because of some stupid code that inmates have among each would be too much for me to handle. Hell, I can barely stand working there. Living there must fucking suck.

I'd figure out a fun suicide.

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Honestly, a list of "movies where I didn't cry" would be shorter. I get super emotional over movies for some reason. As an example: I had a slight lump in my throat during Captain America's little speech before the final battle of Cap 2. That's ridiculous, right?

The Lion King still gets me to this day, but it's not just Mufasa's death; it's every scene up to his death that conveys how much he cares about Simba. It's a really powerful element of the film for me because my dad sucks and I wish that we had a bond that was as strong as the one that these goddamn cartoon lions share.

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Man, it's been so long since I've asked a chick out that I don't even remember, but it was poorly. It was essentially that "cut myself off from society" thing, except with a lot of rage mixed in for good measure. Which is funny because when it first happens I would tell myself "No big deal. Whatevs." But then I dwelt on it and gritted my teeth and cursed the very ground that said female walked on. I think that I have mental issues.

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@mrgtd said:

@rmanthorp said:

It's crazy that's it's coming out way earlier on 3DS considering the character parody etc. :/

You also think they would want to push the Wii U version more??

They're not stupid. WAAAAAAAAAY more people have 3DSes than Wii Us.

They win in two different ways:

The people who are really excited for the Wii U version aren't gonna see that the game is out 4 months early and go "no thanks, I DON'T want to be able to play it right now"

And then those same people when the Wii U version comes out aren't gonna go "no thanks, I don't need the one on the console that's dying for games and can play with an actual controller locally with my friends; I'M gonna stick with this handheld version".

It's very mercenary of them, but it's genius. I was having real trouble deciding which version I was gonna get. Now I'm probably gonna get both. I can't be the only one, either, this must be happening for an inconsequential number of people.

That was me. I was going to skip the 3DS version unless they offered a really compelling reason to pick up both together, but now with the huge release gap I'll pick up the 3DS version at launch and then pick up a Wii U and Smash when that version comes out.

On the other hand, how can Smash move Wii U hardware now? Maybe it was never meant to.