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@mb: nice strat basically what I'm doing and get him down 3/4 each go. Always make a mistake tho, bit rusty

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in some cases yes but i have had instances early on, noticeable as im playing as a dual wielding swordsman (so no block), where im hitting roll and im unable to despite the attack animation being far from hitting me. May be stat or enemy type related tho, ill with hold judgment for now

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Im a little worried by how the roll feels, it feels like the enemy locks you into animation loops preventing you rolling away from attacks at times, loving this though!"!

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Fuck i just cried over someone ive never met. My god.

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Yeah truck pulls are common and the famous atlas stones, most of the events are the same though obviously at lower weight in my class, ill only pull small planes ;) (more like SUV's) as i say videos will go up after and @csl316 that depends lol i cant fight for toffee could lift you up and run with you real good tho!

Here is the official event list (x2.2 for lbs if your stateside)


1.Last man standing deadlift.

180kg/200kg/220kg/240kg/250kg/260kg and so on.

Each competitor must attempt each lift,fail then your out.

Oly bar,Straps aloud

2.Over head medly-head to head

60kg barrel-80kg axle-90kg log-53kg db

In that order-75 second time limit

3.Yoke-head to head

240kg yoke 15m

60 second time limit

4.Farmers+block medley

100kg farmers+100kg block both 15m

60second time limit

5.Atlas stone over 48"yoke

105kg stone for reps.

75 second time limit

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Found in a cave...

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Anyone coming? Its at the dragon crossfit center this sunday, Brad was kind enough to give me a shout out tonight im in a lower weight class but be a good day out for anyone, any taffs in the forums want to come along? happy to say hi. Will post vids here after of all the classes.

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awesome info guys, presume usual issues with live twitch stuff? As in wont work lol!

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Hi guys, easy question and sorry if others have answered it. Im about to pull the trigger on the new Ipad, but giant bomb constitutes a huge amount of my online time. Will an ipad be able to handle all the video content the guys post? Or should i slum it with some high end android tab. Best i can tell overall nothing really beats the ipad and opinions to the contrary constitute mostly apple hate. Im no apple fan but their devices are really solid and im a little bought into the ecosystem with ipod and an ipad 1. Answers on a postcard, or even better in the box below :D thank you all in advance.

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Oh good, another american administration decides to scapegoat gun law inadequacies on violent media. Well done america. You know that in the UK we have Tits, all the different swear words you like, along with a few of our own, and as much violent media as you can chew. Yet, whats that? no one is shooting toddlers in schools? Well there must be some mistake!? Or is it just that we dont give fucking guns to everyone? Go figure.