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Considered Opinion - Asura's Wrath (360) 0

When considering an approach to a game review, there is one thing which i feel must be avoided at all cost, pandering to preconception. When a game comes baggage'd with a preconception, fueled possibly by inept or ill conceived PR, or simply the ravings of a maddened preview write-up It leaves said reviewer with a dilemma; Do you begin by focusing on this conceit? Dismiss it entirely, that your review gives a better impartial assessment? Or concoct an inane and overly long reflection on the fact...

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Considered Opinion - SSX (360) 0

Occasionally, an event comes along in your life leaving you questioning something close. Perhaps yourself, the world at large, morals, the future, sexual preferences and so on; Maybe a 30th birthday, maybe the first time a hot cheerleader saunters past and you wonder how she is doing at school rather than what her cup size is. Those sort of things.-Well much to my surprise, EA's SSX reboot is just such i thing, it has left me divisive in my own mind, and indeed wondering about the state of games...

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