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Uhhhh, chillax buddy? What on earth?

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Grabbers was super fun aside from the aforementioned "I guess we're making a movie so we've gotta do this" romantic plot. I didn't enjoy the Awakening quite as much, in the sense that I'm not compelled to show it to friends, but it wasn't bad.

Thanks for the entirety of your Shocktober offerings, Patrick!

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@donoram: I do, but I try not to think about it for too long because I'm scared some corporation will come along and stomp the memories out of my head.

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Cannot imagine how overwhelming it all has been for you, but you expressed it beautifully. <3

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"Site's down, I hope CBSi didn't do something horrible." -> "Oh it's up, yay--huh? No, that's not. I. Where's the punchline? Oh god, no." Then telling my roommate, who was listening to an old Bombcast at the time. Then soaking in the outpouring on twitter and twitch and seeing those who knew him, closely or from afar, openly mourn.

Mostly I remember a lot of dizziness, numbness, etc. I directly interacted with Ryan one time, ever, on the internet, and it was devastating for weeks if not months. It still doesn't feel completely real. It took me a week or two to even cry about it.

@conmulligan: I read that the other day and it floored me just like it did the first time.

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That is a fantastic and totally accurate lede. Good observations all around.

@mrfluke: I had a lot of fun following E3 this year, but there's enough goofy junk like this that fully deserves criticism.

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The press conferences are by and large ridiculous, cynical spectacles used to pitch products for enormous corporations. That this opens them up to frequent riffing doesn't mean people who engage in said riffing hate everything about them, it just means shit's funny and absurd. I look forward to them every year because they're such great fodder for jokes and awkward moments, and there's nothing I love more about video games coverage than seeing the duders soaking in the madness in realtime.

Video games are silly and weird. Embrace it! ONE OF US ONE OF US

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This thread is beautiful.

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Change is terrifying, but <3333333333