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This thread needs the obligatory "thanks @patrickklepek for writing articles like this for the site". I was smiling and nodding in agreement at everything you said about interactive toilets.

Honestly, these days I haven't had as much time to keep up with everything on this site, but when I get here, I always check to make sure I've read all the wall-of-text posts that Patrick has written since my last visit. I catch up on the other stuff when I have more time.

Keep up the awesome work, sir!

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@patrickklepek I know it's been said, and I know I've said it myself before, but I just want to reiterate how much I enjoy your writing. Thanks for keeping the "text" aspect of this site alive, well, and highly relevant.

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"Instead they decided to juice up the plot and turn this into some theatrical war that the internet will lap up vigorously and hatefully."

That's an interesting piece of revisionist history. Hell, I was talking to my parents a few days ago, who are retired and know next to nothing about this stuff, and they mentioned "what's this about the Doom guy and his VR headset...not that Google glasses thing, but the other thing with the weird name...he's getting sued or something?"

If they know about it, it was already in mainstream theatrics far beyond anything this latest bit added to the show.

Your extreme bias is showing.

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Good. Fix your broken shit. As you should. Way it is now, that game shouldn't have made it out the door. With that being said, I'm glad they're looking after their mess. Sadly, a lot of devs would just move on.

True, but a lot of devs would stick around for a couple reasons. First, so that they can still put "worked on BF4" on their resume and have it not be quite so badly perceived. Second, so that they can put "fixed BF4" on their resume, and spin it as taking ownership, follow-through, and dedication to their products, even when the company they work for screws them around with rushed releases, crap QA, etc.

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Thanks for that "Box" video link. Mind = blown!

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@rorie Oh man, as soon as you mentioned PCI DSS compliance, and flowcharts, I just started laughing my ass off. I've been working on some authentication process stuff for my company, and it's been a royal shitshow. The first cut of everything I built (to spec, which was handed down to me, and I assumed had been verified for compliance) had to be completely thrown out. Once I went back to the drawing board, I took it upon myself to make sure what we're building is really compliant, and it's painful, to say the least...

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You just gotta do what I do. Decide that "I'll sleep when I'm dead". Then you might even have enough time left over to walk your dog, and play a video game or two.

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@spoonman671: Nope, you thought about it as much as I did probably. After today, I won't be wearing it on a Tuesday again. It's funnier that way, IMHO.

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It's not much, but I made this: