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Another surprisingly good offering out of Europe is Men of War. It's better than Company of Heroes. Seriously!

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I might suggest EVE Online, but I'm not that sadistic. From what we've learned watching you and Vinny play P4, a good Endurance Run is more about the "run" than the "endurance". An Endurance Run needs a definite ending, and plenty of changing content for you guys to talk about and for us to watch, without too much menu-navigation or grinding, which kicks out more than half of the list. P4 sidesteps the issue by making you choose when you want to grind, but you're beginning to get your asses kicked since you can't use up valuable video time making cash or fusing proper personas. It's a good thing Jeff's been playing on his own time, because I really fear for you dudes.

So if we were going to pick from the list alone, I'd suggest Battletoads, but if you guys are amicable towards a write-in contestant, I suggest:

  • Odin Sphere - Strong plot, looks pretty, short-but-sweet cutscenes and a unique aesthetic.
  • Steambot Chronicles - It's nonlinear in the same way that Persona is, but with a lot less grinding and more robot fighting.
  • Way of the Samurai 1 or 2 - It's awesome and quirky, and I want WotS 3 to come over from Japan, so any promotion is good.
  • Robot Alchemic Drive - I wrote most of the GB entry on it, IT IS WHAT YOU WANT.
  • Ace Combat 4, 5 or Zero - It's HAWX without the suck.
  • Sakura Taisen - No chance right now since it's in Japanese, but rumors are that NISA is bringing ST5 over sometime this year, so it'd be AWESOME if you did that. For the comedic potential just look at the "let's play" thread on SomethingAwful!
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Why don't I see The Witcher on this list? Also, I'd like to point out that while Neverwinter Nights 2 was without a doubt a perfectly competent cRPG (once the bugs were patched out), it's really the Mask of the Betrayerexpansion that put the story right up there with Torment in uniqueness and complexity.

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TripMasterMunky said:
"I've always been semi-interested in the Persona games. It seems like P3FES and P4 were always the highest praised of the series. I was going to get P3FES a while ago, but then P4 came out, and the general consensus was that P4 was overall a better game. So then I was going to get P4.....but now Giant Bomb is playing through it for me lol.So should I still bother to actually play through any of these games? I know they're really long games so that already throws me off a bit. Should I get P3FES since I'm watching P4? Or is it just not as good a P4? Or should I just wait until P5? Lol. There's no rush. Basically, with me watching P4, are any Persona games actually worth my 60+ hours of playing through?"

Get both of them. Both are the best JRPG experiences in years and beat out any of their current-gen competitors through a combination of unique (very un-JRPG-like) mechanics, amazing aesthetic, and strong character and story. If you've been watching the Endurance Runs of P4 you should already have an idea about what to expect, and whether or not you'll be able to stand 50-70 hours of that kind of playing, juggling duties, social relationships, powering up, etc.

It all feels better if you're the one making those decisions, and obviously it might look more tedious when just watching Jeff and Vinny do it for you (funny commentary or not). Both P3 and P4 are great, but P4 certainly made almost every possible iterative improvement over P3, mechanically, aesthetically, and even in more nebulous qualities such as story. I would still recommend you get both of them as each has something unique to offer in terms of theme, storytelling and character.

If the time costs are a turn-off for you, play with a walkthrough. You will not suffer at all. Actually, I enjoyed it more, playing with a walkthrough, as I never felt as if I had wasted my time for a particular day or if what I had decided to do for a day was the wrong thing. P3FES demands more exacting time management to unlock all of the best events, so if I would recommend only one walkthrough for you it would be for P3FES. P4 is more forgiving in that respect.

I could go on and on, as I am a terrible fanboy, but they're ridiculously cheap compared to their next-gen competitors and in many ways much better. If nothing else, do it, because those are likely the last, best games to ever appear on the PS2, at least until that rumored adaptation of Sakura Taisen 5 drops :)
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Consider, for a brief moment, how many people in the world have PS2s compared with the amount that have PS3s and Xbox 360s (not including PS3 folks with the 60gb model). Putting it on the PS2 is "sharing it with the rest of the world".

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It's fan art for a never-covered Valentine's Day event from Persona 3. The girls are "social links", a game mechanic which, in their cases, develops into romantic subplots. Persona 3: FES adds in some special event scenes as rewards for maxing out their links (level 10). You can read the game page for spoilers and details.

Japanese Valentine's Day involves girls buying or making chocolate for their beloved. White Day was created as a commercial counterpart, where boys reciprocate. Custom suggests that a White Day gift should be at least three times better/more expensive.

Given that the gallery isn't showing my captions, the characters from left to right are: Yukari Takeba, Fuuka Yamagishi, Mitsuru Kirijou, the Protagonist, Chidori Yoshino. Second row is Aigis/Aegis and Elizabeth.

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Welcome, unattached gamers and MegaTen addicts alike, to a pre-Valentine's Day celebration of Persona 3 fan art, a "Persona 3: FEStival", if you will! Set your sights upon some amazingly amazing pictures from the amazing-est Persona fan artist around! Gaze upon these illustrations, and imagine that you too can get a Social Link to level 10!


Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7
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Heh, I already have. I'm almost scared to play it, since I may not be able to devote as much time to it as with P3FES. If you like I can post the 2nd half of my article, which covers the other social links.

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Note: A post of mine got promoted on Dtoid, Internet-Famous FTW.
Hit the full post on my Destructoid.com C-Blog. Apologies for making a post that links to an external blog, but this is the most efficient way to do it.

Good fantasy stories can get you involved within their world. Great fantasy stories get you involved in your own. Persona 3 does exactly that, and in a most novel way to boot*.

If there's anything positive about my being unable to play Persona 4 just yet, it's that it has gotten Persona 3 on my mind. In my mind was a question, "What was that whole thing with 'The Journey' and 'The Answer'"? Even having devoted ninety-odd hours of my life to the game, I hadn't quite bothered to learn why, too busy following a guide to maxing out my social links**.

Indulging my curiosity, I realized just how expertly Persona 3 handles its mythical grab-bag. In fact the personae themselves are the most shallow examples of the game's use of references***.

As pretty much everyone knows, each social link in the game is associated with a major arcana, the "trumps" found in a typical tarot card deck. The real kicker, though, is that the arcana, placed in a certain order, make up "The Fool's Journey", a tarot-based metaphor for life and the search for identity. Even the boss encounters and various plot details, ordered along different phases of The Fool's Journey, each of which (you guessed it) is associated with a given card.

It'd take me a few thousand more words to describe every social link and its various interpretations, so I'll just be addressing the arcana mentioned by the final boss, and the lines he spouts as he shifts between them during the battle.

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Valkyria Chronicles was pretty much guaranteed to have a rough time, sales-wise. A new-IP "anime" tactical game on the "loser" console released within one of the most crowded holiday quarters in history? A recipe for sales DISASTER.

That said, I think the game, and the future of titles bearing similar concepts will pull through. Sega still released Yakuza 2 in spite of the dismal sales of Yakuza 1 (and in Japanese-only to boot!), and things are looking up for Yakuza 3 as well.

However, I think Valkyria Chronicles HAS suffered in terms of North American media coverage. Other than a few early reviews on Eurogamer and 1up, barely any of the major news/reviews outlets gave the game attention during the most critical period after release. Sure, there were some good previews and all of the critical reception just far has been gangbusters, but when you're sandwiched between the biggest releases in years, I'd think you deserve an extra look. It's not like people have never heard of Gears of War 2, but a hell of a lot never heard of Valkyria Chronicles, which is a goddamn shame.