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A Spray-and-Pray Bullseye 0

Just when you thought that JRPGs have stepped on the path of streamlining out the complex gameplay that gets in the way of lavish cutscenes and ruins proper pacing, Resonance of Fate comes along to reaffirm that the genre's signature obsession with arcane battle mechanics and busywork is still alive, kicking, and most importantly, not a bad thing at all. The game combines this traditionalism with an uncommon aesthetic and fun sensibilities to provide a familiar, yet still refreshing play experi...

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Boosting is the best, but only if that's your jam 1

Classy.The Warriors franchise is pretty much the Madden of non-sports gaming. With dozens of titles under its umbrella, most all Warriors releases have revolved around a formula that has remained virtually unchanged since that original transition from fighting game to action brawler in 2000. At this point, almost a decade later, a Warriors game is very much a love-it-or-hate-it proposition. For better or worse, Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 does absolutely nothing to change the minds of its detracto...

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Jumping for the stars...and falling a bit short. 0

No doubt about it: Mirror's Edge tries for something different. Where the typical first-person game is lambasted for including jumping puzzles and platforming elements, Mirror's Edge makes this kind of motion-based gameplay the primary selling point. Where many game dystopia paint their worlds in broad strokes of gray and brown rubble, Mirror's Edge opts for shimmering white struck through with primary colors, The End of the World as envisioned by Apple. Where hulking space marines march and fir...

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Strokes of Brilliance, with but a Few Spots on the Canvas 2

Simply put, Valkyria Chronicles is a great game, and a refreshing example of innovation in a largely static genre, namely the strategy RPG. However, its solid mechanics and excellent presentation are marred slightly by minor oversights and snags that serve to keep the tactical experience from being as smooth as it could be.Alicia MelchiottThe marketing line notes that the game is set in something of a fantasy-alternative-history World War II (rather "Europan War II"), but that premise falls apar...

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