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Aside from a gamer,

  • I'm a husband. I love my wife so goddamn much.
  • I'm a cop. I joined when I was 20 (I'm now 30). I wouldn't recommend it to many people. The job has a tendency to corrode you. Laughing and joking 10 feet away from a dead body is not normal.
  • I'm a weightlifter. I love working out.
  • I'm a fantasy literature enthusiast.
  • I'm a dog owner. I don't intend to ever have children (a decision my wife and I made together), but I do intend be a dog owner for the rest of my life. Maybe cats too.
  • I'm an aspiring writer. I feel the shit ton of experiences I've been through could translate to some very good gritty fantasy ideas.
  • I'm a geek. A mean looking bald dude that can bench over 400lbs, but a geek through and through. 
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Gary_Armstrong said:
I can't stand Destructoid. It's just too internet kidz for me. I listened to one of their podcasts once and ... [more]

I tried...really tried to like Destructoid after they ragged on Gamespot during the whole "Gerstmann-Gate",  but I just find them to be too childish.
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I have two 360s. One elite and one arcade (I use the same HDD for both). When my elite red ringed last Christmas, I went and bought another. Now red ring is no big deal, as I just rotate them.

Maybe Jeff has multiple 360s for the same reason? 

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The_A_Drain said:
Ohh wait, doesn't the touch have the ability to play the same games as the iPhone? Dont know if im ... [more]

Yeah, the iPod touch is an iPhone without the phone. You have to rely on wi-fi for connectivity, but it plays all the same apps as the iPhone. If you want to get into iPhone gaming, the iPod touch is a good buy. No phone, but no monthly charge/plan either.
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This one just went on my "keep an eye on" list. If the game plays as fun as it looks, I'll definitely pick this one up. I really like the character design.

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-More info about Dragon Age (no spoilers, just hopefully release date and system specs).
-Assassin's Creed 2 gameplay demo/release date.
-Mass Effect 2
-Something from Crytek
-Info about God of War III
-Uncharted 2
-ODST and Modern Warfare 2
- Whatever the new plans for GTA4 are.
- Whatever Bethesda is showing.
- Brutal Legend
- Splinter Cell: Conviction
- Heavy Rain
- Any new Nintendo core-gamer games.

And those are just the projects I know about that I'm looking forward to. I can't wait to hear new announcements.

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That's great news for the PS3 player base.

I have the game on PC, so I'm most excited about the new DLC. I figured they had done their last DLC with Broken Steel.

Great way to start a Tuesday.

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I had to spend the night in cells after being drunk and disorderly in public. This was in my late teens (I'm 30 and a cop now), but it really sucked. Damn near got in a fight with one of the other prisoners too (tried to mug my buddies shirt off him).

But...let me tell you about the worst punishment I ever dished out...
At the station, cops do a lot of pranks on each other. One morning, I take a sip of my coffee and my mouth nearly burns off. Someone had sprayed pepperspray in the coffee! In retaliation, I peppersprayed the toilet paper in the men's room before my victim's 10am shit break. He freaking HOWLED. Goddamn that was funny. He got me back by tasering me when I was at the urinal a few days later. The Sgt. made us put a stop to the pranks.

Good times.  

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You're a very attractive girl. Unless you have a specific guy in mind, I wouldn't recommend "trying" to get guys to notice you. You're pretty, so I'm sure they already noticed you. If you try too hard, you're only going to end up with the douche bags. If you are after a specific guy, just talk to him or his friends...get into his social circle.

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End_Boss said:
From the sound of things, inFamous is a surefire winner.
I was pleasantly surprised at the score IGN gave it. I was going to pass that one by, but I might be changing my mind now.