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You're a very attractive girl. Unless you have a specific guy in mind, I wouldn't recommend "trying" to get guys to notice you. You're pretty, so I'm sure they already noticed you. If you try too hard, you're only going to end up with the douche bags. If you are after a specific guy, just talk to him or his friends...get into his social circle.

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End_Boss said:
From the sound of things, inFamous is a surefire winner.
I was pleasantly surprised at the score IGN gave it. I was going to pass that one by, but I might be changing my mind now.
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@Gambit: Dude, you must be as strong as an ox! I have a friend who is a farmer and he never lifted a dumbbell or barbell in his life, but he just had raw power. I learned this when I had to arrest him and he really didn't want to go to jail that night. God that was a tough brawl. He's a really great guy, he just gets stupid when he's drunk.
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Just bought a Falcon-Northwest Fragbox 2. I have no idea how to build my own PC (and wouldn't trust myself to not screw it up), and I have a good job, so I like to buy my PCs from boutique brands.

: Core i7 920 2.66ghz
Motherboard: Rampage II Gene
Hard Drive: 300gb VelociRaptor 10KRPM
GFX: 2 x NVIDIA GeForce 285 GTX in SLi
PSU: 1200 Watt Modular and Short Cables
Optical: Blu-ray reader & DVD RW
Sound Card: On-board Creative X-Fi
Mouse: Razer Lachesis

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I've been lifting weights for a very long time. I started when I was 12 and I'm now 30.
I weigh 220lbs, and I'm proud to say that my one rep max is 485lbs. I've worked hard to get there though.
I've never used steroids, but I use nutritional supplements frequently (creatine, carotine, protein shakes, etc.)
I'm a cop for a living, so being pretty strong helps out a lot. Usually, my size is enough to de-escalate most situations.

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I'm absolutely going to buy the Pen and Paper Dragon Age book. I'm not sure I'll actually play it, but no doubt it will open up the setting and world of Dragon Age (Thedas). NPC's, locations, histories, and it may shed some light on the bestiary of the setting as well. 

And the no-DRM thing? Well, I was a planning to be a first day purchaser for this game long ago, so it doesn't really matter to me. It will be nice to not have SecuRom or an online authentication process though. I'll probably buy two honestly...one for me on PC, and one for my wife on 360 (or PS3).

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Great write up Dave. I'm digging the RPG corner thing. From the podcasts and your reviews and news posts, I find I have a lot in common with you in terms of RPG-taste.  I may have to check Drakensang out, as I've been kind of RPG hungering lately while I wait for Dragon Age.  I've been replaying The Witcher and Baldur's Gate II, and maybe this game could also help with the interim until DA:O is released.