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Ultima 7

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I was married. I divorced because the relationship was terrible and I was with the wrong person. I remember having thought "I made a huge mistake" on my freaking honeymoon but tried to stick it out for way too long.  The divorce cost me half my pension, $35000 (half the assessed value I would pocket on house should I decide to sell it), and I pay $500 every other week for alimony. Would I ever risk going through this again? Hell yeah I would. 
Now I'm out and in a new relationship where all the pieces are falling into place and I do think about re-loading from time to time.  Just because I went through one failed marriage doesn't mean the next one will fail. My parents have remained married and in love for almost 40 years and show no sign of stopping. My grandparents were married well over 50 years before they passed away and they also remained deeply in love. Marriage can be awesome, I just had bad luck the first go-round.

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I only wear bear-paw slippers for footwear. For all occasions.

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 "You'd better pray that I die from this. Because if I don't, then I promise you now that I won't fuck it up when I come after you."

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Is there any single player component to this game? It's really all I have time for these days. :-/

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@RazielCuts said:

What's the deal with airplane food?

It's really early in the morning here. But goddamnit if that didn't make me fucking laugh for like 5min. So random.
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I've earned all the hatred I receive. 
Like this one time I rescued a guy and his wife from a burning house. He didn't like that....not. one. bit. I got some media attention for the thing and that made him even more pissed off.
I should mention that I'm a cop and this guy was a regular in our jail and he didn't like cops at all.  He especially hated me after I saved his life.

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I recently came out of a divorce (no kids). I lost a lot of my income, half my pension, most of my furniture and I'm in debt up to my eyeballs.  I kept the house and dog and not much else.
That said, I'm out of a terrible marriage and I've started seeing a new girl and life is looking up. Whether this new relationship ends up working or not, my life has never been this happy ...ever. Years ago, I was diagnosed with depression and just this past week my therapist said I don't display any of the symptoms anymore. I don't mean this in a d-bag way, but this divorce is the best thing that's ever happened to me.

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I played WoW for an insane amount. Pretty much most of my free time from 2004-2008. Yeesh. Now I'll never play one again.

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Things I've learned:
  • Don't get married. At least not without a pre-nup.

Well it's easy for you to say, here in the UK we don't have binding pre-nups. >_<

Anyway, the end of most relationships are sad but you seem to have your head screwed on the right way and aren't desperately trying to cling on to familiarity like some break-ups I've witnessed. I also agree with the person who said dog > all.

Dog > All. Absolutely agreed. She's moving away, and I'm getting the dog and the house.  Win win win.