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Being an adult, I've never done anything of the sort. 

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I lift 5 days a week and do a half hour of interval training later in those days. 
I walk my dog for two 45min sessions per day.  

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I have the Collector's edition on Pre-order, as I like the Collector Editions Blizzard puts out. If it wasn't for that, I'd get the digital version. 

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@Mister_V said:

Definatly Red Dead. But that's pretty much my favourite game of this generation.

Edit: Although Skyrim is my fav this generation, Red Dead is a close second.
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Both. I'll play Diablo III first.

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I'm a cop and I've attended a lot of break-ins and home invasions.  They are brutal on the victim. If you are still shaken up, understand that that is normal. Tips I'd recommend is always leave a light on in the house, even if everyone is asleep. Hallway light or something. 
If someone does break into your residence, the best thing to do is to get everyone out of the house immediately through the opposite entrance that the offender used. You might win in a confrontation against a burgler, but you might not. Are you willing to risk your life over that bet? I take that bet a lot, but I'm armed and trained and usually have back-up.  If I was at home and off-duty, I'd be getting my wife out of the house asap.
Criminals will usually try for the vacant houses. That said, most of them if they are breaking into residences are high or drunk and are not thinking straight at all. They are fucking dangerous. I'm glad everything worked well for you. On the plus side, there is a strong likelihood that the crook won't try your residence again. If he got scared off, crooks typically won't risk the same residence again. That said, make sure you look for suspicious people that are hanging around your residence when you leave for errands. You don't have to confront them or anything, just make note of them and if they are there a lot, call the police and give a description of them, what they are wearing (style and colors), and what they are driving (make, model, year, if you know it and of course license plate).  
Understand that you are a victim of crime. Most police departments have services to assist you dealing with the sense of invasion and violation. Seek these out if you find you are having trouble coping.

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Ummmm...let's try another one.
Where the fuck is a game that is set in an alternate early 20th century that takes place in a city in the sky? Isn't it about time something like that was made?!

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I don't have one. I think about getting one from time to time, but it always comes down to the fact that I'd rather spend that money elsewhere (saving up for a new videocard, an ipad, a whole new cache of workout supplements, etc). Tattoos ain't cheap. The good ones aren't, at any rate.

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Drink a blizzard potion when the fight starts. It slows down time. Also ensure your blade is freshly greased up. (Maybe from Abigail. wink wink, nudge nudge). 
The game is amazing. Don't give up.

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I replay games a lot. 
Baldur's Gate 2 is my go-to replay game. I usually do a run-through once a year. Same goes with Dragon Age. Skyrim....I've taken about 4 characters through the main quest and leveled them to 50+.   The God of War series is another set of games I'll replay on a nearly annual basis. I love replaying games, it's like re-reading books, which I also enjoy.