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I replay games a lot. 
Baldur's Gate 2 is my go-to replay game. I usually do a run-through once a year. Same goes with Dragon Age. Skyrim....I've taken about 4 characters through the main quest and leveled them to 50+.   The God of War series is another set of games I'll replay on a nearly annual basis. I love replaying games, it's like re-reading books, which I also enjoy.

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My opinion is that your opinion is wrong.

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I really wish they would release some sort of update on DLC. I do a google search of "Skyrim DLC" every.fucking.day hoping for some new tidbit. 
I hope Bethesda is cooking up something incredible.

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I'm still playing Skyrim. I have been pretty steadily since it was released. I don't even want to look at how many hours I've put into it. I really like it and I've always been a fantasy geek, so it scratches me right where I itch. 
I've also been playing God of War: Origins collection. I love it. I've always loved the God of War series and I haven't gotten around to playing these games until now. I'm really enjoying them.
I'll replay Witcher 2 once the Enhanced Edition is released on PC. These will probably be the only things on my playlist until Diablo III is released.

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@Dogma said:

Patrick is an awesome addition to the bomb crew. I have always said and keep saying it. He is different from the other four guys BUT that does not have to mean he's bad. I think he without a doubt should be on the podcast, he brings a nice perspective and i really don't think he rambles more than other guys tend to do sometimes. He also tends to research quick looks he does so he knows what to talk about. He may not allways entertain me BUT sometimes insight and integligent discussion can trumpf that need. I believe I don't have to add anything to the conversationt hat he is an fantastic game reporter and digging journalist.

I also want to add that I don't like this horrible smack talk. I didn't like it about Brad, Kessler, other Whiskey Media people or any kind of new guy (not even Leigh Alexander) I have been here from the start of the site and I have allways given the new guys or guests a fair chance. Mabey I'm much more forgiving? I'm not they typ eof person that explodes in rage about game news, DLC or endings. BUT I think it's horrible for someone to hate or critique another person based on voice, looks and the way they are. It's okey to confront misstakes, dumb things they say but to outright hate someone because they are different or don't "fit in" to this little bomb utopia some people have created in their mind is really bad bullying behaviour and it need to stop. This kind of behavior makes the community look really bad.

Wow... it took four year for me to finally say how terrible it is to hear people hate on other people on this site. Just grow up, get some perspective and concern yourself about more important things ("important game stuff is A-OK) . Life is to damn short to fill it with hate. These new people do not destroy Giant Bomb. But many people act like they do.

Dude. Great post. I agree with everything you said.
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Nice. I loved this podcast.

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@AndrooD2 said:

It sucks for the people laid off, but I'm more excited about a single-player 40K RPG than I was for the MMO.

My sentiments exactly. A Skyrim-like set in WH40K? Yes please.
I fucking hate MMOs.
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Dude I love my Kindle.

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I really loved Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy IV, and Final Fantasy VI in my SNES days. 
I haven't really played many JRPGs since then.

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I'll buy both. If I absolutely had to choose, it'd be Diablo III.