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Where I live, we don't get earthquakes. We get brutally cold winters and in summer there are occasionally tornadoes.The thing with a tornado, see, is that you can see them coming. The sky turns black, and it was fucking hot all day. There are things you can do to prepare (get in the basement, not stay near glass, etc).
With earthquakes, there are no warning signs. That would freak the fuck out of me. 
Those poor families who lost their loved ones and homes. :(

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I love pre-ordering games. You are guaranteed to have it on release day, there are pre-order bonuses frequently, I'm guaranteed to get the collector's edition (I love those things) instead of having to try to hunt around for it. Also, I don't have to worry about driving from store to store to store if some place didn't get the shipment yet, or is sold out. Pre-ordering kicks ass. 

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If dude's mom is saying no, that's the way it rolls my young aussie friend. 
As for the whole age issue. I'm 31. Who gives a flying fuck if a 14 year old wants to play an M rated game? At 14 they are old enough to be in jail. At 14 they are old enough to be tried as an adult if the crime is heinous enough. People are morally outraged if a 14 year old plays an M rated game, yet are fine with said teen reading a supremely violent comic book, novel, or watching a movie with tits. Most people won't even bat an eye if they hear of a 14 year old was passed out drunk on a given weekend - they'll shake their heads, laugh and say "boys will be boys" or "heh, good to be young".  Plus, you know they are texting each other the most vile and lewd comments every minute of every day. You think a 14 year old doesn't know way more slang for the word vagina than I do? I sure as hell don't.  Let them play the damn games and keep them out of trouble

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The Kotaku article regarding the Final Fantasy installs is here.  

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@Jaxboy said:
" I'd say all 4 Splinter Cell games have been excellent - "Double Agent" being the weakest.  "Conviction" looks to keep the streak alive. "
The fact that Double Agent could be considered the weakest is still high praise for the series. I still loved that game.
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Thanks Kitae! 
Goddamn do I love Bioware.

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@L33tfella_H said:
" Mass Effect - the original 1.0 PC version crashed and bugged out quite a few times for me, and it got so bad that eventually i was just done with it, also i wasn't digging the game that much in all honesty. Then around November i re-installed it, and not only was there a patch to fix the issues, i also fell in love with the universe itself. "
This for me. 
Truth is, I enjoy Fantasy over Science Fiction a whole lot more. I played Mass Effect on and off once it was released , and then didn't go back to it until this past November. God damn I'm glad I did. It and it's sequel are now among my top 10 of all time.
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Bear in mind, this is from about 5 years ago when tasers were relatively new to our police force and there were a lot less rules governing their uses.  We could never pull this shit off now and keep our jobs.
 Just so happens that at my detachment we had a group of fun guys and it was the closest thing to a frat house I've seen in the police since training. We were jackasses, but we were also really good at our job.   

So without further ado - Taser-Tag:
One of the nightshift goons  was still around when me and my partner started our shift in the morning. Poor nightshift bastard had a long night. We just got called to a  incident, so as we were arming up, my partner takes the taser to the nightshift guy and (touch-stun) tazes him while saying "Get some sleep". Taser tag was born. 
Thereafter, if you were "it", you sought to zap someone who was unaware (too caught up in paperwork, falling asleep in the passenger seat at nightshift, taking a piss, etc). Then that person was "it". The boss eventually put a stop to it, but for about 5 weeks taser tag was the reason you started your shift early.
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Ultima VII
One that works exactly like it used to back on my old 486. You can kind of get it running now with Exult, but the sound doesn't work, and it plays kind of weird.

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I'm 31. Been a cop for 10 years now. RCMP (Mounties if you don't know what RCMP is). I just started a plain clothes position. I'm the guy that sets up battle plans in case an active shooter ever starts something at a school. Honestly, my love of videogames and the attention to detail when planning shit out really helped me win the competition to get this spot. 
One of the best things about being a cop is being able to tell war stories to your non-cop buddies at the bar. Girls, guns, drunks, psychos, fights, chases, ....I got a story for everything.  
I think taser-tag in the office is one of my favorites.  
Nice to see another cop on the boards.