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@PepsiPat said:
" The freakin Cestus' were awesome. Kicked so much ass with them. They were extremely effective against Zeus in the final part of the game. "
This. They were my go-to weapons once I acquired them. There was just something very.....satisfying about killing dudes with them.
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@pause422 said:
" Dragon Age expansion, couldn't care a less for any of the others. "
I'm with this guy.
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@ChrisOVC said:

" Gamestop is no longer taking preorders on it. But if you already have it preorderd you will still get the ultimate edition. They do that with all the limited and collectors edition, Always limited time only for reservation "

It was the same with some of the World of Warcraft collector editions. Once they sold out on the pre-orders, they were no longer listed online. Going to the store might give you a shot. The manager I spoke to said they reached their pre-order limit for Ultimate Edition and couldn't take anymore.  I'm glad I pre-ordered mine the day it was announced.
If you don't mind shopping from Canada, you can still pre-order the Ultimate Edition there. 
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@addictedtopinescent said:
" Wheres the coffee option ? "
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Do NOT believe these emails. They are scams. I get these same emails almost daily and I haven't played world of warcraft in years, nor has my account been active in years. 
"verify you are the owner" means they will want your cd key, your password, and the answer to your secret question. If you ever have doubts, phone blizz first before following through any email.

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@FunExplosions: Nah, I totally understand.  I'd like to witness a tidal wave. And a volcano. Nature is badass yo. Tornadoes are incredible to see.
From about 5 miles away ;)
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Sherlock Holmes. Cocaine-fueled, OCD genius = win
Of the available choices though....I guess batman. If Columbo starts zipping up on ropes, we'll talk.

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Where I live, we don't get earthquakes. We get brutally cold winters and in summer there are occasionally tornadoes.The thing with a tornado, see, is that you can see them coming. The sky turns black, and it was fucking hot all day. There are things you can do to prepare (get in the basement, not stay near glass, etc).
With earthquakes, there are no warning signs. That would freak the fuck out of me. 
Those poor families who lost their loved ones and homes. :(

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I love pre-ordering games. You are guaranteed to have it on release day, there are pre-order bonuses frequently, I'm guaranteed to get the collector's edition (I love those things) instead of having to try to hunt around for it. Also, I don't have to worry about driving from store to store to store if some place didn't get the shipment yet, or is sold out. Pre-ordering kicks ass.