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Sonic the Great 0

I grew up playing sonic adventure for the dreamcast and i have to say its a great game. Even to this date i am a huge fan of  Sonic adventure and sonic adventure 2. One of the greatest features of this game is the chaos.You can raise them to be evil or good and  when  you do u unlock  chao heaven and chao hell. Another good feature about the the sonic adventure games is Dr eggman and his evil schemes,like shadow....

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The original pokemon 0

Theres nothing like picking up a gameboy and playing one of the 3  orginal pokemon games. They are by far some  the  greatest games ever made and some of the most popular. The orginals are much better than the pokemon coming out these days. If you ask me  the pokemon games coming out around  now are crap! The last good  ones were Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green because they are basically the orginals with a little extra added to the game.Thats the same with the show to. The orginals were good  n...

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The GodFather 2 0

This is a great game. Its so much better than the first GodFather.The best part about this game is the new executions.There so violent but  there great.Alot of people are complaining about all of the glitches in this game,I havent seen any  glitches yet but if i do its not going to change my opinion on this game.I will admit thought that the driving in this game isent  that good but who cares.The shooting in this is  just like the first GodFather but th guns are much different and better. My fav...

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Grand Theft Auto 4 0

This is a pretty good game.The graphics are some of the best that i have ever seen.The story line is great but i enjoy playing it on live much more.I was pretty mad that i couldnt fly a plane but i still enjoyed flying a helicopter. Grand Theft auto 4 is the best grand theft auto out so far but thats just my opinion...

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