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I played the demo for Katamari Tribute earlier today. Love the look of it. FLCL was a fantastic show so I'll have to look into Magical Shopping Arcade.

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G4 was great in it's heyday with shows like Icons and Judgement Day( My personal favorite.) I still like G4 mostly just X-Play and Attack of the Show, but everything else: meh. 
Also, you need to check out  Yu Yu Hakusho, one of the best animes around.

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I have the Jet Set Radio Future non combo pack. 
Folklore is cool but it gets very boring. Put it on goozex. 
Katamari Tribute is pretty badass. 

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Listen to Shred, Goozex is the fucking shit. 
For your first two trades it sucks because you get your points once somebody gives you the feedback after that, once you say you shipped it, you automatically get the points. Still though, do it.

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Great VBlog Ethan!  Holy Shit, if I could get around to doing one, maybe I could remember what it felt like!  Anyhow, great stuff man!

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Great vblog, really enjoyed watching that. 
I find myself coming back to your blog now and then, so I hope you dont mind that I added you as a friend :) 
Btw possible for you to list the music used in this clip? Really added to the whole thing.

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@mnB: Hey, thanks man!
In the video, the first 4 songs from that Samurai Champloo soundtrack played, and they were called...
1. Battlecry (Theme for the show)
 2. The Space Between Two World (Yes, the back of the CD does have a typo, making it say "World" rather than "Worlds")
3. Aruarian Dance (My personal favorite)
4. Kujaku
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Awesome, thanks a lot. Just noticed that you actually mention it in the video. So much for being awake when watching it the first time <.< 
Cant believe I havent heard of Champloo before, but thats a definite watch... Though it looks like the box set aren't available here in europe ~~ 
Been listening to the music non stop btw :) Awesome for doin' work etc. As you said, very calming.
Anyways, again - great vid. Keep em' coming.