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A pretty unfocused one. I just talk about a few different things, like some stuff that explains the title of this blog. Thanks for watching, and please comment!


Untitled from Ethan Riley on Vimeo.

P.S. Here are all the drawings so far, in case you haven't seen them all. Brad will be coming soon.

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Alright, Ethan, we get it. You can draw.
Nice Vlog.

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good stuff. ask for mirror's edge if you haven't played that. Its awesome.

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I just beat Klonoa... totally made my day an enjoyable one!  Worth the $29.99 price tag, in my opinion.  I'm gunna try to go through it again tomorrow and get the rest of the stuff, so I can unlock the new Challenge Mode/etc. 

I guess my only complaint was that it was too easy... but, you know... after playing games for so long, is anything really "hard" anymore? 

Anyway, sick ass drawings and vlog! :)

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Sick nasty drawing's brah

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I expected some sort of evil speech after the video's opening.
I've watched every episode of the Endurance Run so far, and every time I look at the time on the save screen, I'm not sure whether to be proud or ashamed.

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Even in background music that freaking Duck Hunt dog mocks me!

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You can definitely draw, but I'd recommend having the cat in each of your vlogs. It attracts the viewers.