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Posted by unclejohn0525
Posted by phlegms

Infamous and uncharted 2!
Looks like I'll end up getting a ps3 sooner than I had thought...

Posted by DeVeAn

lol damn addict. Oh, well can't say I wouldn't do that say at some point.

Posted by Unjust

I love Jumping Flash! I think I have jumping flash one and jumping flash two somewhere? ...Dammit now I gotta go find them! :-) 

Posted by SimpsonFan

Kessler on hard will piss you off so much.

Posted by Fallen189

I stopped watching when you didnt talk about Rhythm Paradise.

Posted by Gista

lucky! I still have like another week of school. lol

Posted by xShR3Dx

Thats the most masculen video I have ever seen.

Posted by Mguy

Multiplayer cares about you...

Posted by End_Boss
@Mguy said:
" Multiplayer cares about you... "
I don't know why, but this comment made me feel bad for multiplayer, like it's a living entity.
You should feel bad about what you've done to multiplayer, Ethan Riley.
Posted by JonnyAvacado

Kick ass video Ethan...and you are right, I did start a new game in Infamous as a bad dude, and its a shit ton of fun.  Keep the Vlogs coming buddy!

Posted by jimb0

Yeah boy! Great stuff, bud. Entire weeks off has got to be nice!

Posted by Jarrett894

That was the most random bonus video ever, of all time. Still cool blog.

Posted by DeVeAn

DONT CUT YOURSELF, you shave like a bitch LOL.

Your pal,

Posted by unclejohn0525
@DeVeAn:  lmao
Posted by Wolverine
@unclejohn0525: Your a good speaker. The vlog was pretty enjoyable. What podcast are you in?
Posted by unclejohn0525
@Wolverine:  Thanks!

I'm in the Mode7 podcast with Devean, JonnyAvacado, and xShr3dx (they've all commented on this blog). You can listen to the podcast here.

Shr3d always posts them in his blog.