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I'm a 29 year old guy and I struggle to give the slightest of fucks about Nintendo anymore.

I'd probably like them more if I didn't have to buy proprietary hardware to play their games, though, as I certainly enjoy 2D Mario games.

Glad you get so much use and love from me though duder!

Thank you, and I value your opinion too! :)

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I'm sorry but I need to say this every time I see it. LANDSCAPE ON VIDEO NOT PORTRAIT.

lmao, and I'm sorry but I need to say with utmost respect and love for all of my fellow GiantBombers... Who cares dude.

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Hi all,

I'm a 20 year old man-child who, above all other games, is in love with the Super Mario franchise and Nintendo.

I attend art school in Boston, and have little money to purchase video games willy-nilly anymore, so I limit my spending on games to only those I really truly want, and would be elated to play. All of those games, I've found since entering college more than 2 years ago (save for a select few PS3 titles), have been Nintendo games.

My 3DS has been one of my best friends since Super Mario 3D Land came out back in November of my freshman year. It must be the most played 3DS game in my collection (and that's a collection that includes Ocarina of Time and Animal Crossing), as I still find myself playing it regularly more than a year later. The game is just so incredibly fun.

After all, that's all I want in a game. I just want to play, and have fun. There were few of those, as I like to call, gamey-games from this past generation of consoles that I really enjoyed, and most of the ones that I did were on the Wii, like Donkey Kong Country Returns, Mario Galaxy, and even New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Those games that are really about the skill of the player, and his or her enjoyment just playing it, as opposed to watching the spectacle of a cutscene in a big-budget HD shooter.

That's not to say these gamey-games weren't on consoles other than the Wii. They most definitely were, mostly in the form of downloadable titles. As somebody who loves this type of game though, it makes sense that I would be a Nintendo fanboy. They're focusing all of their resources on this sort of gamey-game on a retail scale. Of course it's going to be better than any old downloadable platformer or action/adventure on any other service.

And don't get me wrong, I'm no elitist fanboy trying to tout and champion Nintendo as the best of the best around and nobody is better blah blah you can't beat them they'll aways be the best Zelda Zelda Zelda Zelda... That isn't me. I'm saying that they make the games I most enjoy playing and looking at. And that's coming from somebody who loves all video games. I own and like (though the 360 to a lesser extent, mostly due to lack of exposure) both other consoles from this past generation, but found a general malaise in my interest for most of their game libraries.

As a student in college who loves Nintendo, I'm dying to get a WiiU. The games are very slowly going to start trickling out, which is absolutely


for my limited spending ability. My roommate and I regularly play Smash Bros. on the Wii in our room, so needless to say I'm excited for the WiiU iteration. Also coming very soon is of course Super Mario 3D World, which I think looks fantastic. The prospect of getting more like the 3DS game just makes me giddy, and with all the extra bells and whistles (and not to mention HD), I'm sold.

Here's a video I made about it.

Anyways, I'm 20 and I'm a big sucker for Nintendo. I guess that's my point.


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RIP Ryan.

He's making the hereafter a little more charmingly garrulous.

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Well I figure i've got about a 50/50 chance of screwing them (which is my goal, because again, fuck Gamestop) because that's about the chance of it working when they inevitably do test it.

I say the best thing to do is listed on eBay and state the specific problems with the Wii. If you sell it to GameStop you will probably screw over some parent or child that can't afford a new Wii or Wii U.


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@Rihanna said:

Topic creator should grow up. You aren't "fucking over" Gamestop. You are "fucking over" the person who buys your broken Wii from gamestop.

@mtcantor said:

You realize that you are also fucking the poor asshole who buys your second hand wii from Gamestop right? Might be some kid whose parents can only afford a used system.

You're both right. hehehehehehehehehehehe

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Well I figure i've got about a 50/50 chance of screwing them (which is my goal, because again, fuck Gamestop) because that's about the chance of it working when they inevitably do test it.

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So I have an old and busted Wii that turns on sometimes and doesn't other times. I want to trade it in to Gamestop to possibly put toward a WiiU, but I'm not entirely sure if they test it right there and then. Just wondering if I'll be able to fuck them over, because fuck Gamestop. Thanks guys!

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I attend school at the Art Institute of Boston, living on campus technically in Cambridge, mere minutes away from anywhere the GiantBomb crew may be at any given time. I'll be going home for the Easter weekend, so I don't think I'll be in the area when for their event at the Brattle Theatre (which is very close to my dorm, dammit >_<).

So anyways, whether it's anybody from the GiantBomb Crew, or somebody else who would somehow know, WHEN WILL THEY BE IN BOSTON?? Should I follow their Twitter's? What would be a good way to find out? I would really love to meet them, even just for a handshake.