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My PS3's disk drive failed very shortly after purchasing The Last of Us and I did not care to buy a new PS3 to play the game no matter how good it was.

Now with the game coming to PS4 I kind of feel good about that happening. Totally getting the remastered version when it releases.

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I think I'd get homesick if I left my country (Canada). Hell, I think I'd get homesick if I moved between provinces even (from Alberta). If I had to move for whatever reason I think I'd like the U.K. or maybe the U.S.A. for the familiarity.

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I agree that once the combat really opens up that it was very exciting, but that's the only part I liked. I don't remember anything about the story and maybe that says something about it. However, my biggest problem with the game was the characters. FF6 and 9 are by far my two favourites and it's all because of the characters. I didn't just find FF13's characters to be bland or inconsequential, I actively disliked pretty much all of them.