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Yeah an animus is totally implausible, even if there were some mechanism for inscribing every memory into your DNA then you wouldn't be able to recount anything that happened after conception of the succeeding child.

@bigsocrates: as for the junk DNA, there is a lot if misunderstanding about it, whilst some non coding DNA previously called junk has been found to do stuff like regulating other bits, people have studied it and determined (through looking at conservation of code) that an overwhelming majority ~90% of DNA is actually just vestigial junk like an appendix or tail bone, which is what you'd expect from how we evolved

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Thought I was an idiot for not being able to crack that code, seems it goes pretty deep!


I need fallout 4 in my life, my guess is they do what they did with skyrim which was announce in December for a holiday release the following year :D

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There's some new code been added:


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Hated having to narrow down to just 10, probably forgot some, and a sad number of sequels:

1. Fallout 3

2. Mass effect 2

3. Xcom: enemy unknown

4. Portal 2

5. Skyrim

6. Batman Arkham asylum

7. Assassin creed: brotherhood

8. Dragon age: origins

9. Last of us

10. Bioshock: infinite

Honourables: Red dead redemption, the walking dead, left 4 dead 2, Dead space 2, Dead rising 2, (too many "dead" games), fable 2, battlefield bad company 2, fez, spelunky, super meatboy, hotline miami, binding of Isaac, heavy rain and diablo 3.

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Trainer: Josh

Friend code: 4511-0749-9396

Pokemon Y

No idea what type I am, would be greatful if someone could tell me. Just finished elite 4 will go on an add rampage tomorrow

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Can't believe this is true, feel so sorry for his loved ones and the giant bomb family, have truly lost someone special and irreplaceable

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I get the twist seems really obvious to people who did see it coming (I'm desperately trying to avoid sounding like an arrogant know-it-all because I'm really not! and I think it may even be greater if it was obvious to everyone and did make people think they were geniuses for figuring it out), but with all the other stats in the game it's unfortunately impossible to produce a statistic based on this in-game and I'm genuinely intrigued if it really is obvious to everyone else and would have been/was it for anyone more impressive to get the surprising "oh shit" moment as you discover him upstairs?

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I think the choice for killing the last two people was always going to favour not killing BOTH of them, beacuse it breaks down to the choices of:

Kill neither, kill only first (my choice), kill only second vs kill both

I Killed the first brother but then didn't want to upset Clem again by killing the second the guy who was already beaten up and was no threat

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I'm don't want to sound like I'm bragging or anything but I totally saw the whole cannibal thing coming a mile off and here is my reasoning:

I knew the guys at the camp were very suspicious and I was on alert looking out for something, I first suspected them as cannibals when you first walk around the farm and I spoke to the mother at the house and asked her about where all the workers went and she gave a strange answer of... oh well they went about there own ways, and if it's a dairy farm where are they getting the meat? they can't just be living on milk. Also the whole episode centred around food "starved for help" and it seemed it was building up to the meal as the climax I just knew that mark would not be rejoining us when he got hit by the arrow and taken inside, and immediately thought that later when asked where he is we'd be given the cliche horror movie answer of "oh he's resting..." or something. Also it'd be a hilarious irony that they acting worse than the undead, as 'living zombies' eating the flesh of other people consciously, reaffirming that hell is other people.

OK I'll stop my rambling now, I still very much enjoyed the episode and I'm wondering if they gave these hints to make people think they're very clever for working it out before the whole looked room in the barn, did anyone else expect cannibals or just something sinister? and when did you become suspicious?