I'm a Wizard, and THAT Was E3

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There I am in my Whiskey Media "I'm a Wizard..." shirt (which I DID have to pay for, just in case anyone thinks us interns get special privileges) holding a goblet of...magic potion...let's go with that, on Friday, June 10th 2011. E3 technically ended yesterday, but we're still putting up videos, and I have COMPLETELY checked out mentally. You can hear me on ComicVine's podcast, and read me on their frontpage, though that probably won't be til the weekend. I'll also probably show up in various Lemon Lense/Kessler Kams, so look for me there. I think this is gonna be the first blog that i don't post to the forums. Keep this one for my loyal followers. Hope you guys enjoyed our coverage, it was absolutely insane around here, though not as insane as it was in LA I'm sure. Oh and expect a full-on blog about the E3 experience. Long story short: it was one of the most intensely incredible experiences of my life, even though I didn't actually GO.