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Costume Quest. It's so adorably amazing...sequel's pretty great too, but a tad harder to get into.

Until Dawn really nails the whole "slasher" feel, though. As someone who played through it with an S.O. co-pilot, I really can't recommend it enough if you're looking to not stress too much gameplay-wise.

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As a follow-up to OP's question: is there any overlap with camo bonuses or is it binary?

Like if I'm wearing desert camo on desert mountains, is there ANY bonus, or am I no better off than if I were in jungle camo?

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@darkvare said:

some of the camos like the sneaking suit have fob uses but i'm not sure exactly how they work in the main game.

i just use the ps1 one all the time lol

The Sneaking Suit dampens your footstep noises at the cost of not blending in with anything during the day.

The others work as posted in the main game.

Edit: Yeah, I was in desert camo just now and, using the "super stealth" button (the one where it zooms in, but you can't do anything else), a soldier was standing directly over me and didn't see me. Makes a HUGE difference.

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For some reason the Giant Bombcast Square Space ad where Dave Lang plays a web-designing intern who declares "I'll not participate in my own obsolescence!" springs to mind reading this...

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You can't. No, seriously, nothing you say or do for an 11 year old will have any impact on how they behave in a situation like this one.

He has to learn on his own. It sounds like his family can afford the equipment, and at unless he's trying to get into some kind of private high school, his grades at 11 couldn't matter less. If anything, it's good that he either start getting practice now (something incredibly important) or realize it's NOT what he wants to do and move on before his grades actually start to matter for his later life goals.

Your only real goal should be to emphasize the importance of keeping his personal information as guarded as he can, maybe creating a unique email address just for this and never, ever talking about anything that could give away his location.

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"Dantom Pain" is making me hopeful for a Danny O'Dwyer "Danswers" crossover episode...

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@jaypb08: 1) Eggs are fine.

2) College is great because you all have a natural, non-creepy ice-breaker: walk up to a woman on the bus, say 'hi' and ask about classes. If she doesn't seem interested, don't press. Break off and try again with someone else, but never shoot yourself down before someone else has the chance. If you strike up a conversation, ask to meet-up before your stop. 10 minutes is plenty of time.

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For the first time in forever: I will have to WAIT on a Metal Gear: Scanlon feature.

Cause there's NO way I'm buying this day 1. But there's NO way I'm watching them first.

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Today the 9th Heroes of the Storm battleground, the Diablo themed Infernal Shrines, goes live. In this battleground shrines activate periodically and spawn demons. The first team to kill 30 demons gets a Punisher. Punishers are big huge boss monsters who, unlike previous bosses in the game, actively pursue heroes.

Frankencastle character confirmed?!?!

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@tophat666: Seconded! The one with Adam Sessler was an instant classic.