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If you're planning on sharing, a 12 pack of something like Sam Adams (Fat Tire if you're feeling froggy) should go over just fine.

Less generic than something like Bud or Coors, but not so fanciful as to put more middle-of-the-road drinkers off.

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Have people written off Cesaro as a lost cause for the WWE? I still think there is hope given how long it took for CM Punk and Daniel Bryan to get their pushes and how many times they were supposedly in the "dog house". Granted pairing Cesaro with Heyman immediately after Wrestlemania was a huge mistake, especially when he was poised to become an upper card babyface. If Cesaro just keeps putting on good match after good match I think he will eventually make it.

The guy I am most worried about is Dean Ambrose. Clearly the WWE wanted Roman Reigns as the big breakout star from The Shield with Seth Rollins as a solid upper card heel. Which kinda left Ambrose with floundering around the midcard until WWE released or made him a jobber to the stars. I'll be honest I thought making Ambrose a face wouldn't work but damned if my fellow Cincinnatian didn't prove me wrong. If WWE was smart they would see they have a potential next Steve Austin. Seriously Dean Ambrose's character is like some freaky hybrid of Stone Cold and (another Cincinnatian) Loose Canon Brian Pillman.

Supposedly they are still high on Cesaro and just wanted to focus on pushing one guy at a time (Reigns). I think it is more of an issue that they just don't know how to work him in and flesh out his character yet. I like his arrogant European shtick, but I still can't stand anything about that music.

I think they're crazy to only push one guy at a time, especially with the power vacuum/talent drain created by injuries, departures and scheduled absences. Now's the BEST time to push new talent. Honestly? I think they're at a loss of what to do with him, and as much as I don't want to go for the low blow, I think Cesaro works better as a face and I don't think WWE Creative is comfortable pushing a face with a foreign accent. Misterio and Guerrero, despite being massively over, had to claw tooth and nail to get their shots, DESPITE the crowd ADORING them. And Guerrero got over as a face DESPITE all their storylines.

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It's just so hard to develop for a new platform when you don't have that Triple H hair to gauge performance on.

Bo Dallas hair is current gen

Hashtag Bolieve!

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Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition just came out and is, by and large, being positively received (certainly moreso than 4th edition, which apparently broke into people's houses and stole all their worldly goods, based on the reactions to it), so that's likely a great place to start as D&D threads the needle on accessibility and flexibility.

Overall some of the best times I've ever had with my friends were during tabletop gaming sessions and the only thing I regret is how much I miss it now that the notion of us getting our schedules to line up is comical in its impossibility. It is totally worth it and can be incredibly fun if you find the right group.

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Even the tag #gamergate is ridiculous; where's the fucking scandal?

As Zoe Quinn has displayed: it doesn't exist. This was all a concerted effort to attack women in game's journalism (specifically Quinn and her friends). The conversations have been posted, the hashtags have been debunked, and unfortunately some well-meaning people got played like fiddles.

Even IF there was some controversy or legitimate gripe, it was SO QUICKLY overwhelmed by vitriol and aimless vendettas.

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@undeadpool: can't find a single person in here that has said the death threats were appropriate. Completely disgraceful to imply that the users who have posted in here are advocating for that behavior. We are reading very different comment threads if the message you are taking away is that death threats and sexual assault are condoned.

I was gonna bring up an example or three I'd read but they, and MANY others, seem to have been deleted. Yeah, I know, it sounds like a cop-out, but I assure you, I've loved this site since it was a blog crawl and I wouldn't just make some crap up to disparage it.

So at this point: we're both right. We are, in fact, both reading VERY different comment threads. And I'm happy to see that apparently the mods/staff DON'T condone those things.

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Kind of incredible how many people in this very comment section of this generally excellent community are advocating, "Well now, maybe these people threatening death and sexual assault upon female game's journalists/bloggers have a POINT."

Even IF they're mad at something legitimate, this isn't how you EXPRESS that.

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No wonder Patrick and Alex were so giggly about why Vinny wouldn't be at PAX!

Congrats Vinny! Will this mean another 1000-yard stare video??

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Haven't tried Heroic yet, but Hunter absolutely SMASHED through all the bosses.

They're mostly dependent on having lots of minions in play at all times, so a combination of Explosive Traps and Unleash the Hounds ALMOST makes it trivial. And I am NOT that good at this game. Don't know what you'd call the deck I'm playing, but it's obviously early aggo/beast heavy...zoo??

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@hunterzolomon: Kenta does not look happy to be there, it's great.

That's because Vince just asked him "SO! You wanna be a ninja or a sumurai? Either way, yer gonna carry a sword to the ring! You little oriental people love that kind of thing!"

Also: hope you like Intercontinental Titles! At BEST!