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SO!...as someone who's never really been a part of one of these (though I always throw my hat in the ring), is it kosher to just throw out random adds to anyone on this list? Is that kinda what's implicit here, or does it serve another purpose?

I ask cause I feel like the matchmaking is putting me up against top-tier players and it's to the point where my losses aren't actually TEACHING me anything, so I'd like to find some guaranteed even-playing-field online action...I should PROBABLY rephrase that, but I ain't gonna.

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@y2ken said:

I think you pretty much summed it up in your penultimate paragraph: there's just a ton of people playing this game, and a lot of them aren't especially experience fighting game players. Perhaps it's at the point where there's so many newer players that they're at least getting to play one another and not being instantly scared away by only running into experienced opponents who crush them.

It's odd that you say this, because after trying for a few matches, I'm ONLY getting matched up with people I have a single digit percent chance of beating...sometimes that number is 0%...

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I think NOW it's a matter of the matchmaking not really taking win/loss into account...even in Ranked Matches! I don't know if that's something that'll settle down as the game moves forward (MK9 was mostly ok about it) or if it's permanently "completely random", but if it's the latter...that is SEVERELY disappointing.

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YEP! Still happening and I'll echo the part where disconnecting from PSN/the internet 100% works.

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@shagge said:

I've seen others reporting the same issue. I don't think it's a suspend mode thing, as people are saying it works when you turn off the network connection. I think something is just terribly broken with the game's servers. (maybe it has to do with the faction war stuff barely working since launch)

I'd check my own copy, but I've got another game going at the moment.

Well crapbaskets. If that's the case, I'm enduring a 9 hour re installation for nothing...

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Got a ce 34878-0 error after this game updated while I had it suspended (PS4 in rest mode) during a cut scene.

I have no idea if this is repeatable, but I tried to get in multiple times and it would crash back to the PS4 dashboard with that error during the opening credit/trademark/legalese screen. So not even getting to the menu. Apparently you either shouldn't leave this game suspended OR this is just a weird one-off, at which point the mods should feel free to nuke this post from orbit (it's the only way to be sure).

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Regardless, I jumped into regular fights against easy AI and actual depleting health bars and stuff. I could actually pull off some moves! Felt good. Although I find the standard Punches and Kicks kind of useless? The attacks are so slow and character keeps feeling like hes stopping in the middle of it like I'm doing something wrong. This is one of the reasons why I like DoA since the attacks feel so fast, responsive and fluid.

I'm forcing myself onto this game and trying to learn it. My fingers hurt after short play time. I don't like how damn fast and precise you need to be for something like a fatality. I'm still enjoying the feeling of improvement and the game looks pretty. I must practice more.

Didn't want to make my own thread for random dumping crap. This thread seems like it'll be helpful.

PS - I don't like how they've changed the Ninja style dudes so much? I haven't followed these games so I don't know if there are reasons they look different or they just didn't want a bunch of characters with color swaps but I am disappointed. From my vague memory: Scorpion was yellow, Sub-Zero was blue, Reptile was green, Smoke was grey?, Ermac was red? Then there is apparently Rain and Noob? No idea who those are. Kinda wish they left them as is. Ermac doesn't even look like a ninja. And I think the modern versions of the ninjas look too muscular.. They look like Bane or something. Eh that's personal taste I guess.

A lot of people, especially those that played the early games and are jumping in now, tend to "underestimate" how complex these games actually are. It's obvious to see why: they definitely look like all sizzle and no steak and, of course, they have the reputation of being more about finishing moves and systems (especially early on) but there's actually a TON to them. Every character has extremely distinct combos and with the three variations that goes even further, so unfortunately throwing out basics doesn't really cut it. Watch some high level Ferra/Torr or Jacqui Briggs if you want a great, weird example of how fluid it can get even with its bruiser characters.

And unfortunately, the practice/tutorial is EXTREMELY lackluster in this with no combo input "challenges" like in Street Fighter IV or demos like in Tekken, so the best way to get more acquainted with them is to watch online videos. Preferably ones that show the input effectively (which can be tricky since it's usually and overhead shot and the person's hands are moving so fast it can be tough to track). As for why the changed the ninjas: the ninjas were the way they were in early games because of time and money restrictions, and some of the ones you list (Ermac and Rain) actually started as glitches and were later integrated into official rosters. Noob's been in the game since, I think, 3, so he's not exactly a Johnny-Come-Lately either.

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PSN: Daelock

Region: US West Coast

Thinking about maining Kenshi (looooooved him in 9) with Jacqui and Takeda as secondary/tertiary. Might switch over to Predator or Jason as appropriate as they're two characters I've actually wanted to see in a fighting game for YEARS. I work fulltime and share my TV, so I'm not on much, but if I am feel free to add/challenge me and just put "Giant Bomb" in the message field. I'm weird about adding unsolicited folks!

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@do_the_manta_ray: Is the Krypt "jump-scare" still in effect if you leave the screen idling there?

Edit: Nevermind! I see it's been asked and answered. I'll go back to ALSO directing intense beams of jealousy at you.

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I feel like we've been here before, have we been here before?

I was a fan of Jeff from the Gamespot days and was well aware of the whole "Kane and Lynch" debacle, after which I lost track of our Mr. Gerstmann until, one day while on vacation I decided to Google what he was up to, if anything. The search led me to a blog crawl that had one of the greatest podcasts about MGS4 that I had ever heard (and still have ever heard) that also featured a bunch of my Gamespot favorites, and...well here I am years upon years later.