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Street Fighter V. I must've played HUNDREDS of hours of Street Fighter IV's various incarnations, but part of that was because when it FIRST came out, I lived in a house with five other duders, all of whom got into the game and all of whom had entirely different schedules. There was almost LITERALLY not a time when you COULDN'T pick up a game. That wouldn't have been enough on its own, though, the game launching with zero tutorial, a joke of an arcade mode and lackluster online killed most of my excitement, and as I saw people at my level bounce off, I wasn't even learning from my losses, so I dropped it. For Overwatch, somewhat ironically, as I've never been into FPSes, especially online.

Evil Within would also count here. I even went in with moderated expectations after hearing so much of the backlash, but I figured knowing what I was getting into would help. Here's the thing almost no one talked about: your character is a TOOLBOX. He reacts to walking past a group of half-naked, fleshy berserkers EATING A PERSON mumbling under his breath, "Yeah that's right. Just keep looking that way..." Like if my CHARACTER isn't scared, why should I be? Even after Leon Kennedy went to the same School for Badasses that Raiden did, he STILL got freaked out by all the weird shit going on in RE4. This guy, who was just some NORMAL guy, basically acted like the guy on the haunted house ride who's just gonna sneer, "Yeah, whatever. Not scary."

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@ohagan: With RVD it was because he got done for possession by the cops. If it had just been a random drug test that picked up weed in his system, he probably would've been fine, but the very public nature of his arrest meant they had to suspend him for thirty days.

It still bothers me that like during the biggest push of his career, RVD thought it would be a good idea to drive around in a car full of weed and pills with Sabu.

It always struck me, with how casual weed use has become in a lot of circles, that wrestlers must either be EXPERTS at faking tests, or they don't bust them for it.

I'm kind with Jeff from the Powerbombcast with your logic on RVD as it relates to Roman: FUCK that guy.

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The first Metal Gear Solid. I remember playing it at a friend's house (friend who had a PS1) ALL day. We experimented with EVERYTHING. The guards following your footprints, hiding in a box, we were ASTONISHED how many ways there were to get into the base. All with Japanese audio, I might add.

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@gaftra said:
@turboman said:

I did a double take because I legit thought this was a joke from Kayfabe News: Eva Marie is also hit with a 30 day suspension.


Me too! Though I still kiiiiiinda think it could be? Kinda? I also could see Del Rio not giving a fuck if he got caught at this point since he has to hate how he's being booked.

Given everything I've heard about the dude I could see him just taking the suspension and telling people to figure out his storyline by the time he gets back.

They mentioned it VERY off-handedly on the Beastcast, (I think Alex did) but do they or don't they suspend for weed?

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people play games without the day one patch? That is just silly.

Some can't, they have extraordinary situations (I think one of them wrote into the Beastcast about living in the tundra of Alaska and things like gig downloads take enormous amounts of time). The unfortunate thing is that they're not a large enough segment to impact sales, so hopefully they take that into account and are savvy consumers.

I kind of find it ironic that people on the Internet somehow find a way to complain about not having Internet.

If you can't get outraged about your own petty problems, find someone you can get outraged FOR.

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@kawiji said:

The title of this thread is gold. Pure gold.


And it only gets better with the opening line "I haven't actually PLAYED this game yet" but OP is apparently comfortable in their assertion that the duders are "apologists."

Even though they make it PRETTY clear that it was actually the community that ran away with and projected all this 'HERE'S WHAT THE GAME WILL BE!' stuff onto it while the devs were ACTUALLY trying to rein some of that in.

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Did anyone notice the coins. A nickel and three pennies = 8, and a lone nickel=5. 8/5. Is something happening on August 5th?

I'm surprised no one broke the code on here yet.

Look at his Amiibos. Okay. Now take the first letter in each one's name.


Dan is New York-bound, folks! ALEX AND DAN QUICK LOOKS! VINNY AND DAN QUICK LOOKS! Up is down! Black is white!

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I revisited my town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf last night. Is that game old enough to count as 'older'?

@undeadpool said:

EVERYthing in the village and thereafter is golden...RIGHT up until you get to the castle and the jerkasses with crossbows show up...it's not a BAD game at that point, but basically everything after the Village Chief boss fight isn't a horror game anymore...

It does get better/more horrific when you get to the labs and encounter the Regenerators, but yeah, after the village it definitely becomes more of an action game, and the story turns into pure '80s action movie schlock. Which I kind of enjoy, but I would have preferred a more straight horror experience.

PRECISELY. I wanted to say "everything after you meet Ashley" but honestly? I think people give that character too much shit. As far as escort missions go, RE4's is probably the LEAST egregious MAYBE in all of videogames.