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@undeadpool: Oh not only he took more bumps but a batista bomb.

Here`s what poor randy back was looking after the bump.

Orton is a beast. He gets a lot of hate, but he has had my respect dating way back to his feud with Foley.

He definitely moved up a couple of notches in my book tonight. Every time they played that replay, I kept thinking "Damn, that was SO MUCH worse than I thought it was!"...every time...

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Can't figure out how to link to the right video, but hit that link and check out the interview with the Shield. Fucking glorious.

Oh. my. god. The Paul Heyman interview in that link is UNREAL.

Holy shit, the Shield interview is fucking great too.

Heyman is PHENOMENAL, but I think Renee Young deserves a shout-out as well. Her delivery of the line "I can't even do my JOB right now!" is priceless and I love her on NXT commentary...

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@aronleon: He's not my favorite guy in the company, but I too gotta give him biiiiig props after seeing him LAND ON A MONITOR and keep going. Any who says he doesn't care about the business after that is dreeeeaming.

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Liked the ending, even if it WAS "the predictable" end. They needed a feelgood end after 'Taker losing to Lesnar.

As a TITANIC Undertaker fan, I'm cool with him losing in concept, but as a lot of people have pointed out IN THIS VERY THREAD: it should MEAN something. It seemed VERY clear that Undertaker was done with wrestling, maybe even to the point that he wasn't going to be able to come back next year, but if you know that ahead of time, drop the streak to someone where it's going to MEAN something. I love Rykert's idea of it going to Roman Reigns. I get that they're paranoid of giving someone a rub like that and then having them defect, but WHERE would anyone go at this point? TNA is no WCW and Reigns doesn't seem like MMA material.

The tag match was good, Bryan/HHH was phenomenal, Cena/Wyatt had shades of greatness but I DO wish they'd either had Wyatt win or Cena go slightly "dark" to beat him. The end they chose was the third, boring, option. The match itself was still DAMNED entertaining, though. The Diva's match...I walked my dog, but my fiancee assures me I missed nothing. She doesn't even remember who won...so I'm sure it was compelling. Warts aside, this was STILL the most invested I've been in Wrestlemania in at LEAST five years and the MOST I've actually enjoyed watching it. So well done.

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Maybe we'll finally get a modern Star Wars game with some worthwhile CHARACTERS out of all this!

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@undeadpool: The original: "Prawdziwa radość cię widzieć. Wyglądasz... Ech, psiakrew, aż dech zapiera!", which literally translates to: "It's a real joy to see you. You look... Oh, damn it, you look breathtaking!"

So it's a pretty poor translation, since "drop-dead gorgeous" does absolutely nothing to enhance the text and there is a plausible and fuctioning translation. It's especially weird considering "psiakrew" is an idiom that is very roughly translated to "darn", while "unalloyed" is a completely needless color word in the context, so it seems like the translator completely failed to recognize the spot where he could stray from the original.

Agghh! I have the E books but I recently ordered the official version and it'll be delivered in about a day! Damn I've been so excited :/

At least you're supporting the legitimate author...but also a terrible, TERRIBLE translation...so ya take the bad with the good.

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Man, Vinny doesn't care WHO he pisses off, he is GOING for it!!

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You have obtained the User Community Showcase, and a power beyond imagination!

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@darji: But at this point, editorial is re-writing stories to ensure he never loses. Even to other heroes and even in skirmishes. Sounds an AWFUL lot like someone else...

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The whole "Super Cena" notion amuses me to no end considering that, in DC comics over the last decade, it's been Batman that embodies all of the qualities people hate in Cena. But the internet's cool with him, so Super on!

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It's also good that everyone has piled on the "Fuck Green Bay" train because, holy shit, what an awful crowd. They gave Hogan a nice pop (and Hogan could not look more bored but whatever) and after that... This whole "RAN-DY SA-VAGE" "J-B-L" shit has to fucking stop. It is bad enough that crowds are being super unoriginal in the stuff they chant, but its way worse when they are doing it during solid matches with some of the company best youngsters (Wyatt, Reigns, Big E etc) Do the Green Baycrowd going to wrestling shows actually want to see some decent wrestling?

To quote Maffew, I'm pretty sure some of 'em just "go to McDonalds and chant 'WHOPPER! WHOPPER! WHOPPER!' then bitch on the internet when they don't get one."

Also: am I the only one who is absolutely sick to DEAAAAAAAATH of the "WHAT?!" bullshit chant? It SHATTERS any promo they do it in. Can't recall if that came up Monday, but it would not surprise me.