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Maybe we'll finally get a modern Star Wars game with some worthwhile CHARACTERS out of all this!

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@undeadpool: The original: "Prawdziwa radość cię widzieć. Wyglądasz... Ech, psiakrew, aż dech zapiera!", which literally translates to: "It's a real joy to see you. You look... Oh, damn it, you look breathtaking!"

So it's a pretty poor translation, since "drop-dead gorgeous" does absolutely nothing to enhance the text and there is a plausible and fuctioning translation. It's especially weird considering "psiakrew" is an idiom that is very roughly translated to "darn", while "unalloyed" is a completely needless color word in the context, so it seems like the translator completely failed to recognize the spot where he could stray from the original.

Agghh! I have the E books but I recently ordered the official version and it'll be delivered in about a day! Damn I've been so excited :/

At least you're supporting the legitimate author...but also a terrible, TERRIBLE translation...so ya take the bad with the good.

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Man, Vinny doesn't care WHO he pisses off, he is GOING for it!!

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You have obtained the User Community Showcase, and a power beyond imagination!

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@darji: But at this point, editorial is re-writing stories to ensure he never loses. Even to other heroes and even in skirmishes. Sounds an AWFUL lot like someone else...

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The whole "Super Cena" notion amuses me to no end considering that, in DC comics over the last decade, it's been Batman that embodies all of the qualities people hate in Cena. But the internet's cool with him, so Super on!

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It's also good that everyone has piled on the "Fuck Green Bay" train because, holy shit, what an awful crowd. They gave Hogan a nice pop (and Hogan could not look more bored but whatever) and after that... This whole "RAN-DY SA-VAGE" "J-B-L" shit has to fucking stop. It is bad enough that crowds are being super unoriginal in the stuff they chant, but its way worse when they are doing it during solid matches with some of the company best youngsters (Wyatt, Reigns, Big E etc) Do the Green Baycrowd going to wrestling shows actually want to see some decent wrestling?

To quote Maffew, I'm pretty sure some of 'em just "go to McDonalds and chant 'WHOPPER! WHOPPER! WHOPPER!' then bitch on the internet when they don't get one."

Also: am I the only one who is absolutely sick to DEAAAAAAAATH of the "WHAT?!" bullshit chant? It SHATTERS any promo they do it in. Can't recall if that came up Monday, but it would not surprise me.

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I'm not interested in playing EVE and I'm not quite sure I know what it's all about, but I really enjoyed this article! I appreciate the passion and dedication these players have.

I'm with you. No interest in playing, but I looooooove keeping up with stuff like this.

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Can't wait for this to be turned into an episode of Law and Order where the most stereotypical computer geek imaginable kills someone over a Space Trader battle or theft or some shit.

I am ~85% sure that has already happened, if not in Law and Order then on CSI or NCIS.

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@superkenon: That spoiler-blocked stuff is EXACTLY what I'm talking about. I mean can you IMAGINE stuff like P4G's Adachi S. Link, but for EVERYone?

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@yi_orange: This IS, indeed, the problem. Persona 3's S. Links were more varied and dynamic, but made the main character appear to either be insane or a liar as many of the choices that were "best" for one character were highly contradictory to others. But simply making them more arbitrary isn't the right answer either as it then begins to feel random. There's definitely no easy solution, but with the PS3, it SHOULD be easier to get more unique dialog (like having S. links acknowledged in story beats) which will hopefully, at the very bare-bones LEAST, make them feel more satisfying.

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I think this is a good place to say I don't like social links.

That doesn't stop me from being excited for Persona 5, but I wish they would just go away.

I wish they were less binary. What I'd love to see is for them to completely excise the whole "You might become closer with them soon..." kinds of conversations (where the S. link doesn't advance) but to compensate for that, make it EASIER to invert the Link or even break it off entirely. If you treat someone like shit consistently, they should stop wanting to hang out with you. The stuff you can say to people in Persona 3 and 4 and STILL want them to hang out with you is STAGGERING.

Persona 3 was a lot better than 4 in that regard. I really liked Yukari's social link because there were parts where if you tried to play it cool and do the things that would most convey your affection, she'd tell you to go to hell and the link would be reversed. If Persona 5 could incorporate an element where you have to be mindful of everyone's personality and make the mechanic more than just "pick the most agreeable choice," it would be really neat.

Yeah I agree. That was the one thing that Persona 3 did better. It was way easier to fuck up but it also was way more satisfying if you succeeded.

Agreed. Going back to 4, it's a LITTLE creepy how hero-worshippy everyone is of the main character. He is ALL things to ALL people and basically became God of Yasogami in less than a year.

@ch3burashka:: It's less the missing of dates and more if you've sufficiently advanced certain links that they've become romantic, the character will get inverted if you go out with any other girls more than twice BEFORE going out with her again. Stuff like this, where your actions outside the immediate conversation, would be a nice return to form as well.

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@darji: The people getting kicked out of Raw for chanting CM Punk rumor was debunked as fake.

Whaaaaat? You mean someone who grossly misunderstands how the First Amendment works might ALSO be a liar on TOP of that??