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Solid article as always Patrick.

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@joshwent said:

At least they're owned by CBS now. The multimedia giant probably has some spare cameras they can use.

No raw reaction is of course a bummer, but hilarious tweets from Jeff, Ryan, and Alex all day was still some great content. Thanks!

Alex in particular was in top form today. Even the Sony Press conference couldn't fully contain that trademark snark.

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I think Microsoft did what it had to do - show games. Now it's up to the video game playing masses to decide whether the argument for their new console is convincing enough.

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Some of these games sound cool, but I dunno man, I'm not really sold on any of these new systems yet. I think for me this will be very much like the last generation, where I didn't buy any of the consoles until a year or two after they were out.

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Whoops, I meant that last post be 'KI 3' not 'KH 3'. Edited.

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Nintendo will be revealing new Pokemon X and Y info. That's all I really care about. Also, KI 3, if it happens. Also, Sony's press conference, I guess.

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Neil Young albums sort of belong on vinyl. You could try those.

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Come back to Giant Bomb after a long while, first thing I see is this. Aw yeah.

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@Hippie_Genocide: @Ninja_Welshman: @Serpentenema: Agreed on the whole CvS thing. Those games have amazing backgrounds. My personal favorite is the Conflagration stage from CvS Pro:

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Just felt like this would be something cool to talk about. Most people don't really pay much attention to backgrounds in fighting games. Many of us just sort of start zoning them out after the first week. I love 'em, though. Specifically the ones in 2-D fighters.

So. Here are some of mine to get things started:

The Ryu vs. Sagat stage from Alpha 2
One of the stages from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, an underrated classic
From Last Blade 2. It was a combination of the visuals and the amazing sound effects (no music, just the roar of a blazing fire) that made it so memorable
From Darkstalkers 3, because gravity is for chumps