Games I Am Looking Forward To

I'm going to keep this list nice and tight. No more than ten entires. I've also left out a lot of super obvious stuff, and stuff that's just coming out in a month or two.

NOTE: These are not in any order.

List items

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Posted by Underachiever007

Funny, The Diablo III and Child of Eden boxes don't seem to be filling up.

Posted by Wrighteous86

We have very different tastes in games... I'm with you on Bioshock, Zelda, and XCOM at least... Sesame Street seems interesting, but I doubt I'll play it. I agree with your reasons for putting it on the list, though, haha.

Posted by Kyreo

awesome list!  Now go write that blog.

Edited by Underachiever007
@Wrighteous86: Yeah, you seem to appreciate a good story in your games, while I'm more of a straight-up gameplay kind of guy. I can enjoy a well-written story here and there, though. Hence my love for Portal 2 and Bioshock. L.A. Noire might be the next game to scratch that itch. 

I'm still not certain I'll buy a Kinect just for Sesame Street, but I will most definitely play it.

Posted by Underachiever007
@Kyreo said:
awesome list!  Now go write that blog.
I'll get on it as soon as I can!