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Length does not mean that the review contains anything of value, or even helpful. Look at Steam reviews for example. I feel if a reviewer cannot sum up what they think in a few sentences, they don't have a very well formulated opinion. That doesn't mean long reviews are pointless, but every review longer than a paragraph should at least have an abstract that communicates the most salient points.

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It depends on the game, but it seems to me at least, that the lighter the traditional story elements in a game are, the more likely "mechanical reveals" are going to be important turning points/twists.

Only tangential to the first point: Axiom Verge has a lot of interesting mechanics mixed together, and many of them are exciting when you first get them. It helps that it has some pretty unique abilities and weapons, but that sense of awe a few of them give you when your brain starts thinking up ways to put the upgrade to use are pretty high points in the game. If you go in already knowing what the various gimmicks are, you don't really get that so much.

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You must have missed the Playroom fiasco shortly after the PS4 launch.

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@Hot_in_rhinos: And the sensor is a worthwhile investment.

Normally, I would stick with mouse and keyboard (as I did with the Fallouts) but honestly, the controller provides accurate enough targeting for when you need to use a bow or spells, and the analog movement stick makes sneaking a lot more convenient. The downside is that by default, there are only two hotkeys but there are already mods that fix that little issue.

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@fisk0: I have been playing the PC version, and overall I haven't had any problems with it. Obviously this varies a lot from system to system. I hadn't heard about the shadows issue being worse on the PC, only that you can pretty easily edit the ini and improve them beyond what the launcher will allow. I would say that if you can play it on the PC, you should get that version. I have a 2 year old quad core with only a Radeon 4850 (and running Vista!) and I am getting 60 fps indoors and never less than 45 outdoors on high even with filtering and AA turned up. I have heard of people with much better systems having issues though so YMMV.

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@fisk0: Because all games played on anything besides a PC are trash by definition whenever you ask a PC-warrior Luddite.

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@Mailman: We get it, you are trolling. Now stop please because nobody is impressed.

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@Drakoji: They hit through walls mainly as a concession to the AI. If the AI was better, and was capable of adjusting its tactics for narrow spaces and allies in the way, then they would likely have the same constraints on their attacks as the player does. Not saying that it is fair, but if they couldn't do that and nothing else changed, the game would be quite easy. AI can be expensive from a resources perspective, and for better or worse, this is what the devs decided to do.

Player gets a brain, bad guys get the numbers, the strength, and the magic wall hacking weapons.

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@Barrabas: I have rarely laughed so hard at a game, as I have at my many failed attempts to outsmart those two. Maybe I can creep up and get a shot from the side? Wham! off the wall to my death. maybe I can charge them? Wham off the wall to my death. Block? Wham dead. I eventually figured out a really simple way to get past them and it was immensely satisfying to get up to one of them and stab them in the butt with spear and then murder him. I left the one on the left live though, I wasn't going to get carried away and wreck that perfect moment I had just had.

If you look at the situation as a puzzle, it wasn't bad at all.

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@ImperiousRix: Dark Souls is less about what you "should" do and more about what you "can" do.

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