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  Explosions in the Sky - How Strange, Innocence
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@RiotBananas said:
This must be done.
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" The gas is only relevant in two cases: 1) When it's raining. 2) When a tree expels it. As such, no, the gas isn't what's causing crazy land. I believe that crazy land is more so a mental struggle."

Off the top of my head wasn't the crazy land present only when it was raining?  Stewart also said the town was tainted and that's why he always wore his gas mask so it could be the case the residue/left over seeds in each of the places caused the hallucinations.  

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Good move on the DRM side of things, just hope this sets a precedent!

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gamertag - StartAndPause 
Feel free to add away!

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@KillaMaStA said:
" Crab monsters would have been cooler than underwater junkies.. "
So very true.
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I've been watching it lately (for the same reasons mostly - Alan Wake and Deadly Premonition) and you can see the links between the games and the series, more so in Deadly Premonition to be honest.
The series on it's own is pretty good though. Some proper laugh out loud moments and lots of peering at the TV looking perplexed!

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Every morning and if I go for a run twice a day. I'm a bit like the OP if I don't shower I just feel all... bleh!

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I think it's mostly down to jealousy, lets be honest for most people here the idea of playing games and reviewing them for a living is a pretty sweet deal.
I also seriously don't get why people would judge his skill by how he plays quick looks... Gaming while trying to hold a proper conversation is hard enough let alone talking about what you're doing and trying to make sense!

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I have to admit I went out and got the box set, it's quirky and you can see very definite comparisons... really enjoying it to be honest!