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The Lang Zone is very deep!

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Congrats! More Caravellas can only be a good thing!

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Welcome gents! Very excited to see what new delightful madness you will bring!

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This is my favourite site and online community that I'm a part of. It's lots of good dumb fun and I'm happy we are all here. I'm excited about the new guys and what they'll add.

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That's some real fine nodding.

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I played 1, 2 and 3 all in a row and it's neat to see how they build on each other and are all good games--although 3 definitely is the best, and what I've tried of the ones after felt like they missed something. If you enjoy 3 and want a newer take on this, the King's Bounty series and that new Age of Wonders III game seem closer to the legacy of 3.

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No Man's Sky exists, but it's actually Frog Fractions 2--now with procedurally generated frog porn.

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If this had happened before Patrick's move I would have been more terrified--but looking at what's happened since his move: Scoops and the Wolf, Spelunkycast, GB Chicago--it really has increased the content in super positive and new ways. I'm excited for what this will bring -- best of luck!!

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Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

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"Oh, hi Danny! Look at all my shit I have, and doesn't Lisa look sexy? Spring breaks!"