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@extomar: Good point. Physical spectator sports are able to catch multiple angles of the action and get shots that are appealing to even the casual viewers, while MOBAs only have that one overhead shot that isn't very appealing. If they can add more attractive viewpoints to spectator mode I think that would help a great deal.

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@petiew: @immortalsaiyan: The updates have always been cheaper if you wanted to buy it online, but each disc copy of the new iterations costed upwards of $40. Even if you did upgrade the online version instead, it cost from $15-$40, which is still much less appealing than the free-to-play option that LoL and DotA have.

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I think it is a real shame. I would say I am very good at shooters, but that's because I sunk so much time into them when I was in grade school. Now that I'm about to graduate college I just don't have that kind of leisure, and I think it's disheartening. You get so much more enjoyment out of those types of games when you're skilled in them.

It mainly makes me sad when looking at the MOBA community. I really want to get into it because it seems like a fantastic scene, but there is such a high barrier to entry and you have to devote so many hours before you even understand the basics. I'm lucky enough to have good friends that help me rather than just calling me "scrub" and getting mad at my poor skills, but I just can't invest the time to get to the point where I'll enjoy myself.

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@kidavenger: I'm not so sure. Dr. Pepper launched a major campaign behind MLG Halo 3 team Str8 Rippin, even putting their captain T-Squared on every 20-ounce bottle in the nation (approx. 175 million bottles). That is incredibly substantial, and Halo 3 was nowhere near the size that League of Legends is today. If Riot or Twitch are able to find a way to sway sponsors the same way MLG was able to I have no doubt that they would be able to draw big names

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I'm not too into what this shows. It seems to be going for spectacle over everything else. I actually kind of respect the way the turtles look, but I think their freaky look will hinder the comedic aspect they normally have.

That's actually what worries me most about this. I just don't think Michael Bay can do a good job with the TMNT duality of comedy and action. At least if the Transformers movies are any indication. I don't think TMNT will work well as simply eye-candy.

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@mb: you did. Thank you very much.

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I have a abhorrent post from my past that I need to delete because I put my blog on my resume, but when I click "edit" the screen just goes white. Can anyone help me with this issue?

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@flstyle: Thanks for the info. I missed the SFxT finals and had no idea they were hype, I will definitely check them out.

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I felt a tired with the AE finals as well, with Infiltration also winning handily over Ryan Hart. I definitely hope someone can match Chris G and Infiltration at Evo.

I meant to address this. The AE finals did not bother me as much because, while Infiltration won convincingly, he was using Akuma. I find Akuma much more entertaining to watch than Morrigan, so I still found some solace in that match.

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Thanks for all the opinions. I understand the viewpoint that a few of you have stated about it simply being a circumstantial situation in an attempt to get better and more intellectual writing in games, I just hope people do not avoid this experience based on that complaint. It is truly an enjoyable game