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Really late to the party on this game. I just finished it and had to read if anyone else experienced what I had.

I knew beforehand that there was nothing supernatural going on after reading a review, plus as mentioned above you do find an invoice detailing electrical problems.

That said, I most definitely heard other footsteps occur on a few occasions. I too heard the whisper "Hey you" in the basement. It was definitely a girl's voice (Sam?). Lastly, a room I had yet to enter had the lights off, checked another room, came back to it a moment later to discover the light turned on.

I'm convinced these were deliberately placed to plant the idea that you may not be alone in the house.

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Cate Archer. Her wit, capability, style, and of course beauty. I like to think they got some of her inspiration from Emma Peel, another character I really love.

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Ms. Pac-Man on a cocktail cabinet in ’83.

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Vanilla was its "Golden Age" for me. An mmo was an entirely new experience for me, and it basically sucked me and a group of friends into it for many years with its fresh experience. Having raided MC-Naxx, TBC felt routine for me. It was already at that rush to 70 to start raiding again, which does detract from the enjoyment. I honestly liked Wrath's aesthetic more, plus seeing a lot of old guildies again that quit end of Vanilla to mid-TBC. I'm sure I'll be there for the next expansion, as we (me and friends) seem to for every new one. I may quit constantly out of boredom, but I'll always love the game and the memories it holds.

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My immediate reaction was to choose Mud. Upon a quick search I notice it listed as a 2012 film due to a small audience seeing it at Cannes. I'm sticking with Mud as it wasn't until 2013 that us regular folks got to see it.

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I loved watching a lot of B&W shows when I was a kid. The Andy Griffith Show is the first to come to mind.

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Totally. Unless, y'know, something bad were to happen to the person that made them no longer physically attractive to me.

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Well, I was having a good day. This is somewhat akin to seeing something really gory on the internet which causes repulsion and sadness for the remainder of the day. I have only myself to blame for clicking.