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various groups involved with RealmPictures heading the project developed a zombie shooter in their garden. using video chat programs/websites to encourage random people to partake in their game

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with the hype train in motion i think it's about time we get a game akin to this one. with mod support and high customization variety, joined with the park building and simulation of this would be phenomenal

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superficial, cheesy

lacks the majesty, adventure, charisma and heart that the original and even second one partly had

no sense of danger

the good parts were John Williams' theme, homage to the older movies, the T-Rex smashing through the Spino skeleton (too bad not solo dominating the I-Rex and snapping its bones, but reasonable i suppose)

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when it comes to action, i feel this is undisputed

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so dual play isn't co-op but rather a seamless combat system of switching between characters. was hoping to see Hush and Anarky

here's an interesting bit:

Johnny Charisma Live!


Jochar Is A:live!

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gameplay is king, CD PR delivers immensely with the visceral combat. with the overwhelming positives this game appears to have i'm going to put in some pet peeves for the sake of pickiness. despite all the work put into the modeling, texturing and lighting. the animation's lackluster, stiff and gives an uncanny valley vibe. you could look to MGSV:GZ, GTAV and AC:U as examples of smooth and fluid running animation, FFXV for facial animation, RDR for mounted animation and Dragon's Dogma for flying monsters. combing convincing animation with the visuals they've put together thus far would put The Witcher 3 into a different league. concerning dialogue, some of the lines are cheesy and felt forced to me, detracting from the atmosphere. Geralt's over the top gritty voice acting also contributes to the cheese, not to mention Triss' VA. sure these complaints may be minuscule but i expect a lot from CD PR and their production value. all the elements with high standards and seamless cohesion could only improve the quality of exposition, theme and tone to this franchise. regardless of how the criticism appears

please excuse my spelling, grammar and punctuation. i have difficulty with word usage and structuring sentences

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can't decide if i should get this on either platform. PC is my go to for gaming but PS communities tend to be more populous and active when it comes to fighting games

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nostalgia/rose colored glasses speaking but the lack of the older cast/characters especially Sam Neill's Dr. Alan Grant and Jeff Goldblum's Dr. Ian Malcolm will be missed.

it doesn't have the majesty of the original and doesn't have the feel of treating the dinosaurs like actual zoo animals which the original did so well at. CGI of the original had professional effect artists whom understood deeply of weight and movement which proceeded well with the realism and execution of the motion developed for the JP1 dinosaurs. CGI used by the right people will give a sense closeness, as if we were in a safari ride observing live animals in action. incorrectly used it would just have them end up being weirdly stylized and hyper animated.

with that said, i do take cautious optimism with this movie and hope one day the T-Rex will reign dominant once again either through genetic modification or some sort of indirect evolutionary advancement (however, the notion of monarchy within animal species is ridiculous and should be rid of. even in the JP universe)