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please add me, PSN: DaikaijuPrime. please put in message you are from GiantBomb :)

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please add me, PSN: DaikaijuPrime. tell me in message ur from GiantBomb :)

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i have been wondering about this a bit too. on my ps4 even when doing the challenges i get FPS drops and then it makes it harder to hit off the skills quickly

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i agree with Warhammer 40K, Assassin's Creed, Deus Ex, Hellblazer, Punisher, Tom Clancy stuff and pre Third Age Tolkien stuff

i would like to see some historical fiction/alternate history

James Clavell's Asian Saga series especially Shogun

David Gemmell's Troy and Macedon series, maybe some of his fantasy series as well

Conn Iggulden's Emperor and Conqueror series

Bernard Cornwell's Saxon series

maybe Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park novels darker the way they're suppose to be portrayed. Dinotopia would be cool too

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considering the move to XB1 and PS4, i hope they integrate the realistic and detailed graphics/sweat, character model likeness and proportion, skin texture, lighting and pigmentation from SVR 2007/08/11 with the facial expressions, animations and gameplay of the current series. getting pretty sick of the cartoon styled rubber skin, disproportion and dislikeness of the current models

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does anyone else feel like some of the AI wrestlers are behaviorally way too aggressive/dominant? Undertaker, Ryback, Randy Orton, Batista, Kane as a few examples feel like they are almost always on the offensive. more actively reversing/countering moves with little pause in their pace, controlling the majority of the match. whereas other wrestlers like the Rock, Goldberg, Brock Lesnar aren't as quick and hesitate giving room for their opponents to use counters and such.

their stats don't seem to alter their behavior or do much to change the outcome of matches. perhaps this is randomized and i have just been getting too much of the same patterns. but i'm wondering if there is any way to change this?

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if joker dominates the game again then no

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just wonder how active and large the PC community is going to be and hope that they will work on hack prevention because GTA4 never really had good online support